Three Types Of Fundraisers You Should Start During Covid-19

By: Taqdees, Chiara

Published On: November 16, 2020

Covid-19 has hit all of us hard. It has changed the way the world functions and most importantly, it has made all of us vulnerable. During these tough times, some people are more at risk than many of us. These are people who are living in low sanitary conditions, who live below the poverty line, and whose income is substantially low. These are the people who are already living in a hand to mouth situation. The need to start a fundraiser has never been bigger.

 Here are three fundraisers that you can start now during the ‘Covid-19 outbreak’. 

Medical Fundraiser

Covid-19 has increased the number of medically affected people. These unforeseen medical conditions have led to many deaths, as we know it. Financial funding could have saved a lot of underprivileged people who lost their lives. Covid-19 has affected people’s health. Therefore, starting a medical fundraiser for someone you know who is financially unable to get medical aid would help them. ImpactGuru is one of the top medical fundraising platforms in India. See how it works. It will help raise funds for a cause and in turn, the individual can overcome her difficulties. 

Here are 5 Ways to Start a Medical Fundraiser 


Education Fundraiser

Covid-19 has changed the education system. Schools are shut and classes are being conducted online but the fee remains the same. For people who work around us, drivers, watchmen, cleaners are already struggling to pay their children’s fees. It is almost impossible for them to afford a laptop or a smartphone for online classes. Due to insufficient funds, their children are deprived of basic education. You can start an education fundraiser to raise funds for electronics used in educating them. ImpactGuru lets you start a fundraiser at 0-cost, here is how to get started

NGO Fundraiser

If you are part of an NGO, you already have a few causes to start a fundraiser for. Covid-19 has made it difficult for NGOs to personally interact and raise donations. Starting a fundraiser for your NGO on ImpactGuru can help raise awareness and funds. This will also help the NGO grow on an online platform Here are some great ideas to start a fundraiser.

Fundraising is a platform that brings a community together for a common cause. Check out frequently asked questions about crowdfunding to get you going.