5 Reasons How Medical Fundraising Can Help You In 2020!

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: October 24, 2020

In the year of unpleasant surprises that has been 2020, patients & their families have found a potential life-saver: the power of crowdfunding. For a patient suffering from a critical illness in 2020, raising funds has never seemed harder. In these tough times, there are many challenges faced by patients & their families, across India:

  • Most breadwinners have lost a part of their earnings, or have been laid-off from their jobs altogether!

  • The same situation is seen among relatives & friends too; thus, they are unable to help in any way.

  • Many NGOs have reported a drop in the voluntary donations, and are thus unable to help patients as much as they would like to. 

But even as the year limps on, several desperate patients have been able to undergo the life-saving treatments they needed. How? With the help of their online fundraising campaigns on ImpactGuru. In fact, if you know someone who is facing a medical crisis - coupled with a financial crisis - there are a number of reasons why you should ask them to start a campaign on ImpactGuru. Here are 5 of these reasons:


  1. Finance is already hard to bear

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This year has been a life changing experience for many. People have been struggling enough to support the daily needs of the house with limited financial resources. Being at the mercy of ill health and expensive hospital bills to support recovery can be challenging. And with other financial support systems not being debt free, only makes this harder. Crowdfunding is that solution which can help you pay off medical bills without you having the need to pay it back. 


  1. Help from far and wide

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Despite how socially distant we currently are, crowdfunding opens that window to the world and family of donors who are looking forward to supporting causes like yours. The beauty of crowdfunding is that anyone in and outside your social circle can contribute any amount. They can even choose to contribute anonymously, and then share it among their social circle. 

  1. Time is of the essence

People are stressed out already - working from home, and taking care of home, at the same time! The situation will be even more difficult for a patient, or for the family member of a patient. But fundraising doesn’t have to be stressful. You can raise funds online, even while you are on the go. Crowdfunding makes it easier to reach out to friends, family and complete strangers - people who care equally for your cause. What’s more, the ability to monitor your fundraiser through our convenient Android or iOS App can help save you ample time during these understandably exhausting days. This makes online fundraising convenient, within this new normal we are living. 

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  1. Transparency, guaranteed

Transparency is a key factor in why both our campaigners (a patient or a patient’s well-wisher) and donors trust us. Our campaigners are able to have access to a personalised fundraising dashboard; here, they will be able to check the total amount of funds contributed. Our donors are also not taken for granted. After they have contributed to a fundraiser, we share with them regular updates on the patient’s health. To add to this, under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, we can also help our donors avail income tax exemptions on their contributions. 

  1. Payment management

Another thing people most often find tiring is the settling of bills. Basis your requirement and urgency, we ensure a smooth and direct release of funds to the hospital so that nothing comes between you and your speedy recovery! Through our partnerships with major hospital chains across India, we have been able to help a number of patients who are in need of urgent care too. 


While this year may seem to have reached its toughest point, there are some solutions to lighten the burden. Especially if it comes to an unfortunate medical crisis, remember that medical crowdfunding can help pay off those expensive medical bills. Care for healthcare in 2020 through crowdfunding