Infographic: Crowdfunding In India Explained Step-By-Step

By: Fatema Diwan and Adarsha Mazgaonkar

Published On: May 02, 2018

Even in its nascent stage,crowdfunding is causing a riot! From funding movies to heart transplants to disaster relief or the next big startup idea, backers, donors and supporters have stepped in from all parts of the world to help out an individual or an organisations with their generosity in a few simple clicks.

The 300 cr. industry is growing at the rate of 100% annually!Yet, the questions surrounding crowdfunding are many. Crowdfunding in India is easier understood than explained. We know that and so does Sid.

But, recently Sid managed to explain crowdfunding to his grandparents and guided them to raise money for his grandfather's knee surgery.

Here's how he did it: