Pricing for Fundraising


It is free to launch your fundraiser. Pay less as you grow your funder base and make your campaign more popular on Facebook!

What we offer

  • Competitive fees to maximize social impact
  • No penalties for missing goal
  • Fees linked to no. of Facebook shares
  • No setup or hidden costs
  • 80G tax exemption for Indian citizens
  • Complete transparency

Earn Your SMILEs



+ Transaction Fees


+ Transaction Fees
Conditions At least 500 Facebook shares and 20 donors for the fundraiser**      Not applicable   
Start a fundraiser Free   Free
Sign up volunteers Free   Free
Penalties for missing goal Free   Free
All major payment options Check   Check
Complete social media integration Check   Check
Fundraiser consulting / support Check   Check
Team/event/club fundraising Check   Check
Offer rewards to contributors Check   Check
Relationship Manager Check   Check
Embed on your blog / site Check   Check

* SMILE plan is a limited time promotion 

** SMILE plan only refers to the Facebook share count, which is displayed on each fundraiser page on and not on any other website / application / post. For each fundraiser, we only account for the first Facebook share made by a user; all Facebook shares must take place by clicking on the 'Facebook share' icon on the respective fundraiser page.

Transaction Fees


An international wire fee US$ 40 per remittance will apply per fundraiser if foreign currency has been collected. Service taxes (if applicable) will be charged on aggregate transaction and platform fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Impact Guru?

    We are an online fundraising platform that empowers people, like you, to give to non-profits, individual causes, social enterprises, and start-ups. Our crowdfunding platform allows you to easily raise money online from individuals and organizations that share your passion, each making small donations that add up to a lot, in turn addressing critical social challenges in India.
  • What are Impact Guru’s fees and pricing?

    Creating a campaign on our platform is absolutely free! Once you’ve raised money, our platform fees plus transaction fees amount to up to 10% of the funds raised. Under our SMILE policy, if you manage to get 500 Facebook shares or 20 donors for your campaign, we will waiver our platform fee completely leaving you more funds to make use of!
  • What is Crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a social cause or project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
  • Can I still use Impact Guru if I have a fundraiser running on another platform?

    Yes, there is no problem in staring a fundraiser on Impact Guru if you already have a fundraiser running on other platforms
  • How does Impact Guru work?

    Impact Guru aims to make the fundraising process fast, easy, cost-effective and fun. You can create a fundraiser for free on our platform, spread the word amongst friends, family and your social media network to help/donate and get around 90% of the funds collected directly transferred to you within two weeks after the end of your campaign. Of course, we help you each step of the way.
  • Why does Impact Guru charge a fundraising fee / cost?

    Impact Guru is a social enterprise, with a primary vision to crowdfund better lives by raising funds. Our fee allows us to cover a fraction of our total costs. Just to give you an idea, facilitating payments requires payment processing fees, bank charges, service taxes, currency fees, and website development costs that together add up to more than 5% per transaction.
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