7 Youtubers That Will Make You Socially And Politically Aware

By: Prasidhi Somani

Published On: June 20, 2018

The growth of social media in India has unlocked many ways for artistic minds to display their creation to the world. Shortage of qualitative content on television has pulled people towards online media. Youtube has become the new source of news, information, and entertainment f. Gone are the days when people used to be  glued to the idiot box, waiting for their favorite show to start. 

Youtube now boasts of a shocking 1.5 billion users. That means more than one-third of internet users  visit it daily, generating millions of views every hour. Youtubers are now-a-days considered to be the new line of celebrities, influencing the youth. Information can be acquired in multiple ways today, and the millennials have cracked the code. Vlogging is becoming increasingly popular  for raising awareness about important issues.

  • Here is the list of 7 Youtube channels that have mastered the balance between providing education and entertaining:
  • Vir Das: Well this guy doesn’t require any introduction. He is a comedian/actor known for his quirky humor. He is a keen observer as well as critique of human behaviour. 
  • Through his podcasts, Das openly talks about the Indian policies and culture, a practice that can often attract criticism from extremists. But Das's fearlessness doesn't stop him. He marked his Netflix release with his debut appearance on the late night talk show Conan and compared Trump to arrange marriages in India. His humorous way of covering political issues makes him one of the best in the line. 
  1. Jay Shetty: A former monk, an award-winning host, storyteller, and viral content creator, he has more than 4.8 million fans on Facebook alone. After launching his channel in 2016, his videos have gathered over 1 billion views and over 5 million followers globally. This makes him one of the most viewed people on the internet. 
  2. With the combined experiences he has gained by living as a monk for three years and by studying behavioral science at business school, his videos can make you laugh, move you to tears and motivate you to make a positive change in your life. 

Varun Pruthi: He makes inspirational and motivational Youtube videos through social experiments. "Heaven is for real," is a common statement by Pruthi and he propagates this belief through his philanthropic work. In his videos he is seen helping the underprivileged on the streets by asking them simple questions about their lives, background, their future plans etc. and providing them with basic necessities such as clothing, food, water etc.  

This is one of the most famous YouTube channels in India, with 1.9 Million subscribers.

Being Indian: Owned by Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd and founded by Sameer Pitalwalla, a graduate from  Westminster University the quirky nature of this channel has managed to strike a chord with the youngsters and elderly alike. 

The channel makes videos on topics like “Mumbai on Pakistan”, asking the youth to talk about the country and its political motives. In one of the videos titled “Mumbai on net neutrality,” they exposed the youth’s ignorance on the issue.

 Dhruv Rathee: Rathee’s channel has over 4.6 lakh subscribers. The purpose of the channel is “to incite critical thinking and awareness among masses”. In his videos, Dhruv looks directly into the camera, and debates, analyses and  inspects the political happenings across India. 

An interest in filmmaking and social activism motivated him to take to Youtube and share his thoughts with the world. Rathee’s unique style of speaking and presenting facts in a lucid manner have made him popular among the youth.

Chai with Lakshmi: Here is the Youtube version of Koffee with Karan! While the former is a celebrity talk show, this chat show comes with a twist. The show features people and their initiatives that are positively shaping India’s future. The show is about change-makers, and about doers who are working towards sustainable solutions to various challenges. 

Some influential Indians that have been featured on Ted Talks are Dr. Sudarshan, a social worker and tribal rights activist from South Karnataka as well as water consultant,  Shubha Ramachandran

TedX talks: TED is a non-profit committed to propagating ideas, personal journeys of success, hardships and failures, typically through short, compelling talks that last for 18 minutes or less. They look for appealing, charismatic speakers whose talks reveal new ideas that are validated by solid evidence and can cater to an international audience. 

They celebrate locally-driven ideas and display  them on a global stage. In 2006, with the arrival of online video, TED Talks was started as an experimental video podcast, and owing to its tremendous success, TED started distributing its content through its medium “ideas worth spreading’. In 2017, Shahrukh Khan appeared as the host of TED talks India: Nai Soch. 

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