Meet the good people who do good.

We are a bunch of crazy engineers working on design vectors, investment bankers working on fundraising solutions, writers crafting stories of impact - all united by a common passion to empower individuals around the world. Meet our core team!

Piyush Jain
Co-founder & CEO

Those who are crazy enough to leave a career in investment banking to change the world, are the ones who do. Graduated from Wharton and Harvard, Piyush’s story is The Wolf of Wall Street turned Swades. He occasionally trades his serious CEO avatar to wear a jersey and scream Hala Madrid! Like his on field hero, he knows the right time to strike a goal for the team!

Most popular for sending email blasts at 4 am.

Khushboo Jain
Co-founder & COO

With the supernatural ability to walk in with a smile even on a working saturday, our COO is our energy booster. After graduating from Parsons, Khushboo left a career with Gucci, to set trends for changemakers instead. Whether it’s with our customers or employees, her warm smile (and healthy snack treats) get the work done. She swears by the 3 Fs - Fashion, Fitness and Food.

Her alter ego is an insatiable sweet tooth.

Vikas Kaul

If we didn’t occasionally see Vikas in our human environment during lunch, we’d believe he’s a bot. (It’s still a popular theory in our office). He feels working on one screen is a gross underutilization of his concentration and so he is often found hidden behind multiple screens. In his virtual reality, he is probably on an unending road trip around India.

Deals in Trello cards only.

Ankita Kumari
Business Development

Ankita finds solutions even before we take notice of the problem. She likes to stay ahead, in her work and her marathons. She feels she doesn’t get enough credit for staying fit so she writes a blog about it. She likes to unwind by playing card games with her house help.

Prefers the company of dogs to humans, like most sane people.

Sandeep Tripathy
Business Development

Meeting Sandeep is like encountering the calm before a storming idea! This IIT Bombay graduate knows the answers to all of life’s important questions like - ‘where to travel next?’ He claims to fix a mean dinner, but we were unable to confirm that with any survivors. When he isn’t planning our business strategy, he is either cracking or designing the toughest quizzes you can ever come across.

Greets people with impromptu quiz questions.