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The second wave of Covid-19 has affected lakhs of lives more adversely than the last one. Frontline workers are struggling to make the most basic medical care available to those grappling for life. We all need the help and we need it now! Raise funds for Covid-19 treatment online, provide Covid care relief or donate to fight against the virus on ImpactGuru.

The NGOs from across India are vetted for their:

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Here is how you can help those suffering from Covid-19:

Donate to patients suffering from Covid-19, NGOs offering help to people in need and programs started to support healthcare facilities and workers

Start a fundraiser for someone you know who is suffering from Covid-19 and struggling to pay the expenses for the same.

At ImpactGuru, we are continuously supporting those in need during this global crisis. Patients and social causes alike. Here are the different types of Covid-19 fundraisers you can donate to on our platform.

  • Helping Covid-19 patients pay their medical bills
  • Donating to NGOs that provide Covid-19 essentials like PPE kits, oximeters, oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators.
  • Donating to organisations that are raising funds to feed the underprivileged and help people with essentials during these times.

How will I receive the 80G tax exemption certificate?

Patients in need of funds to pay for their treatment of Covid-19 can raise funds with us. Families or friends of the patient can raise funds for them too.

NGOs in need of funds to donate Covid-19 essentials or any Covid-19 related charity.

Companies and brands looking to share support and give back to society. If you’re looking to partner with us and start a fundraiser for the same, feel free to connect with us on 18001020380 or email : [email protected].

You can start a fundraiser for Covid-19 on ImpactGuru in 5 minutes with just 4 easy steps:

  • Visit, start a fundraiser and fill out details such as cause, amount you want to raise and within how many days you want to raise it.
  • Submit the necessary KYC documents like patient’s and/or campaigner’s Aadhar and PAN card along with related medical bills.
  • Share your story along with images to reach a larger audience. Share this fundraiser link with your friends and family to in turn reach your goal amount faster.
  • Withdraw funds in no time and get real time updates through our crowdfunding app

You can start withdrawing your funds as soon as you start receiving your donations.