Thousands are here to honour the memory of your loved one and share your grief.
Start a memorial fundraiser to get support now.

The best way to pay respect to the loved ones who have passed away is to carry forward their legacy, which is the well-being of the people they cared about - children, elderly parents, spouses. Dealing with the loss of a closed one while also preparing for the future can be tough.

We along with our donors understand that you may need the financial assistance and support in this time of need. Get the help you need through a Memorial Fundraiser.

Memorial fundraisers can get you support for
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Dealing with the loss of a family member is difficult. Often families require the additional support and financial assistance for a number of reasons. Starting a Memorial Fundraiser can help you settle these costs and secure the well-being of your family with the help of donors from across the world.

A Memorial Fundraiser can be started by either a family member or a well-wisher of the family like a friend, colleague or classmate etc. Memorial fundraisers can also be started by a group of people like workplace teams, companies or others who may know the deceased personally.

No, there is no time limit within which you need to start a Memorial Fundraiser. You can even start one immediately after your loved one’s death to pay for immediate costs that may arise. This purely depends on your need.

To start a Memorial Fundraiser these are the documents you need to have in hand:
  • Death Certificate
  • Aadhar Card (deceased & beneficiary)
  • PAN Card (deceased & beneficiary)

Funds raised on memorial fundraisers can only be transferred to immediate family members of the deceased. Immediate family members include parents, children and spouses.