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Crowdfund for Paralysis Treatment

There are several conditions that can lead to paralysis - from strokes, to head injuries, to spinal cord injuries. It essentially means that some damage has been caused to the nervous system, leaving a sufferer with severe physical limitations. In fact, strokes are the leading cause for disability in adults. In some cases paralysis may be temporary and a patient may come out of it, but in many cases the damage is permanent, leaving the sufferer and his/her family with immense emotional as well as financial hardships. The patient may have to undergo treatment and learn to cope with the disability. Therapy, treatment, and mobility aids are very expensive, and can drain a family’s savings.
Crowdfunding is one of the fastest and easiest ways to raise money for your medical expenses. Instead of having to ask a friend or relative for a large sum of money, you’d be surprised how crowdfunding allows lots of people to pool in small amounts for your treatment, and help you overcome the financial constraints without depleting your personal savings. All you need to do is let the world know about your condition, and ask them to help you out by making a small donation. If you know someone who is suffering from paralysis and requires treatment, start a fundraiser for them on Impact Guru today.
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Support therapy and rehabilitation

Start a fundraiser for a loved one, to overcome the financial burden of physical therapy, and rehabilitation treatments.

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Fund mobility aids

Raise funds for a loved one for the expenses of mobility equipment and walking aids such as walkers and wheelchairs, to ease their financial burden.

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Support research projects

Facilitate research projects for developing treatments, medicines, and cures of the condition, by starting a crowdfunding fundraiser.

How it Works?

How Paralysis Crowdfunding Works

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