The Significance of the ImpactGuru Logo

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 13, 2021

ImpactGuru’s logo is a sheer representation of our values. The company was commenced with the idea of making a social impact. The vision did not just aim to change but also to support change-makers. Through the process of fundraising, ImpactGuru has always helped people in need reach out for help for various medical causes or even NGO related or personal ones. This could include someone looking to pay for their transplant surgeries, or even those looking to make a change by providing child or animal welfare. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Since ImpactGuru’s vision circulates around many ambitions, the logo also represents multiple beliefs we as a brand stand for. The company’s logo is also built around the same principles. 

The plus sign and the band-aid 

ImpactGuru is India’s leading medical crowdfunding platform. We promote health for all. We believe that no individual should be deprived of healthcare because of a lack of funds. Crowdfunding promotes healing as it paves the way to solve issues of medicated bills. The plus sign represents the universal symbol of health and the band-aid indicating healing.

The color green

This color is a representation of unity in society. ImpactGuru strongly believes in growing in unity. Crowdfunding brings society together on our platform to support and raise funds for individuals in need. The color green showcases balance and growth.

The color yellow 

When an individual is in need of funds for medical treatment and has exhausted all his savings, it becomes more and more difficult for him to bear with his personal, professional, and (one of the biggest factors) financial condition. The color yellow represents hope and sunshine. Crowdfunding brings light and hopes to a situation like this. It makes the person dealing with their medical or personal difficulties believe in the humanity and generosity of those living around him. When you start a fundraiser, it makes you realize that there are people out there to help you. It is a beautiful concept of coming together to donate for someone unknown simply because of the feeling of oneness and support. The feeling that no matter how difficult things are, you are not alone.

Two hearts 

The two hearts combined to make a sign of health is ImpactGuru’s commitment to engage the community towards a common goal of saving lives. A platform connecting donors and beneficiaries. ImpactGuru has impacted 5,00,000+ lives online, undertaking the value that our logo stands for. If you haven’t already, it is never too late to make an impact on someone’s life. You can start right here by setting up a fundraiser for someone or even for a cause that is dear to your heart. 

The amalgamation of all color

The union of all colors at the center of the plus sign defines our focus on society and the individual. The commitment to saving lives brings an individual’s needs and donors on our platform to change the world, one fundraiser, at a time.

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Our logo is in alignment with our values and work. We believe we can change the world, together.