Why Sharing the Burden Is Important?

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

We live in a community of financial and social inequality. Where individuals have to struggle for basic needs and requirements. More than half of the population of our country doesn’t have the means for medical aid.


We Are Part Of A Community

More than an individual, we are part of a community. A community towards which we are responsible.  

A community's burden is a burden that is impossible to be carried out by an individual. There are people in need of funds for cancer, transplants, surgeries. Which are expensive, more than an individual pocket can bear.

when we share someone’s burden, it doesn’t remain a burden anymore. When every individual in a society contributes a minor amount which they are comfortable with, turns into a huge amount required to aid an expensive medical treatment.

The simplest way to share the burden is to start a fundraiser.




Crowdfunding Is The Solution

A fundraiser is a process of raising funds online through a crowdfunding platform. Instead of going personally to individuals to ask for money, a fundraiser is one platform where a crowd i.e donors can visit and fund the cause. It is effective and also time-saving. Since it is an online process, sharing is easy, and reach is wide. ImpactGuru lets you start a fundraiser for free. For any more details about fundraising, you can go through ImpactGuru’s online help center available 24/7.

Here are important fundraising tips to start a fundraiser.

Fundraising is a great way to give back to society and promote a sense of togetherness.


Here are three people around you whom you can help right now by starting a fundraiser!