Raise Money For Your Higher Education With Education Fundraising

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 26, 2021



Given the exorbitant higher education expenses across the world, crowdfunding can come to the rescue. Even if you get admission because of your merit, paying the fee for a good college can be difficult. Although  fundraising in India may be a new concept, if you choose education fundraising to pay for your education, we are here to guide you. Let’s take you through the process of online fundraising to fulfill your educational aspirations. 


What Is Fundraising And How Can You Begin

Small contributions raised to be an amount enough to pay for your education is what fundraising is about. 

It is a  simple method of raising funds online for your education. These funds are donated by people who are willing to support your cause and believe in your goal. All you have to do is start by setting up a fundraiser campaign on ImpactGuru.com, a process that takes less than 5 minutes in which you have to add your name, email, and details about the cause that you are raising funds for. Share your fundraiser with your friends, family, and social media platforms and watch the donations pour in. 

Set Up Your Fundraising Page

ImpactGuru provides 24x7 fundraising assistance at every step no matter what your cause. We will help you with your fundraising journey every step of the way. 

Step 1: Tell Your Story 

Firstly, your fundraising campaign needs a compelling story to back your cause.  When you are raising funds for your higher education, a few things you must mention are as follows:

  • Education background so far
  • The degree you wish to pursue
  • College Fees You Are Trying to Cost

It is important that you show your passion towards your further education. Tell your donors about your plans and share your dreams.

Step 2: Share Your Fundraiser

Share your fundraiser from the crowdfunding platform across social media platforms. Be sure to promote it through online posts on Facebook and Instagram. Share the campaign on WhatsApp with your contacts to promote the fundraiser within your inner circle. Be creative while promoting your fundraising page on social media. Use hashtags, create a separate page on Instagram and Facebook, upload stories, get all the visibility that you can.

 Step 3: Updates 

Keep your donors updated with your admission process, fundraiser progress in terms of how much money you have raised and any challenges that you are facing and thank them for their support and generosity. Read more about tips to run a successful fundraiser.

Added Benefits Of Fundraising For Your Degree 


  • The story about your  crowdfunding campaign can look great on your resume. It will help you with skills like management, marketing, and organizing.  

  • You will be recognized among the donor community and could possibly receive help even for your future endeavours. 

  • While some fundraising websites return the raised amount if the goal isn't met, we at ImpactGuru allow you to access, withdraw and transfer the funds regardless of the amount raised.  

In India, fundraising may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you want to raise funds for education but it can be your best option.

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