Raise Money For Your Higher Education With Education Fundraising

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: February 01, 2021


Education can be expensive, especially for a higher degree. Even if you get admission because of your merit, paying the fee for a good college can be difficult. Fundraising in India may be a new concept but if you choose education fundraising to pay for your education, we are here to guide you. Let’s take you through the process of fundraising to fulfill your ambitions. 

What Is Fundraising And How Can You Begin

Small contributions raised to be an amount enough to pay for your education is what fundraising is about. A simple method of raising funds online for your education. These funds are donated by people who are willing to support your cause and believe in your goal. All you have to do is start by setting up a fundraiser campaign on ImpactGuru.com, a process that takes less than 5 minutes in which you have to add your name, email, and details about the cause that you are raising funds for. Share your Fundraiser with your friends, family, and social media platforms and watch the donations come in. 

Set Up Your Fundraising Page

ImapctGuru is with your fundraiser journey helping you at every step. So you don’t have to worry if you don’t know much about fundraising.

  1. When you want to start a fundraiser, the first and the most important step is to write a good story. In terms of education fundraising, you need to explain why need funds for your education, give details about yourself, where you come from, and your family background. It is important that you connect with your donors emotionally so they can empathize with your situation. Talk about why studying a particular subject is so important to you, what lead your interest in the subject, what it means to you. Tell your donors about your plans and share your dreams.
  2. Promote your campaign with the people around you. Start with your family, friends, and peers. Send Whatsapp messages personally and on groups. Get in touch with your college alumni and contact your teachers. These are the people who will connect with your cause instantly. Ask them to share your fundraiser ahead. 
  3. Be creative while promoting your fundraising page on social media. Use hashtags, create a separate page on Instagram and Facebook, upload stories, get all the visibility that you can.
  4. Keep your donors updated with your admission process, fundraiser progress in terms of how much money you have raised and any challenges that your facing and thank them for their support and generosity. Read more about tips to run a successful fundraiser.


Added Benefits Of Fundraising For Your Degree 

  1. You can pay for your education without worrying about paying it back. Fundraising will not be stressful for you compared to other means of raising money for your education. To pay back a loan you would need to work alongside college which will affect your academic results.
  2. When so many people will believe in your dream of education, you will be more motivated towards your ambition. 
  3. Fundraising will be a great look on your CV. It will help you with skills like management, marketing, and organizing.  
  4. Education fundraising will give you a lot of publicity, which will help you in your future endeavors. 
  5. Once you have achieved your goal and you understand the power of community support, you would want to adopt that and carry it forward. 
  6. While some fundraising websites return the raised amount if the goal isnt met, we at ImpactGuru allow you to access, withdraw and transfer the funds regardless of the amount raised.  

In India, fundraising may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when you want to raise funds for education but it can be your best option.

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