Ask your QBC: Questions Before Crowdfunding!

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 31, 2021

Starting an online fundraising campaign as a process is an easy one to follow. You search for, click on ‘Start A Free Fundraiser’, and your campaign fundraiser will be ready in a matter of minutes. But wait. Let’s take a few steps back and understand certain things before you choose your crowdfunding platform.  

If you are ready to start your own fundraising campaign, there are certain questions you must know the answers to. Before you start your campaign, don’t ask what is the best crowdfunding platform in India. Instead, ask these questions before you choose a platform:

How long does it take to start a fundraiser? 

Especially if you are in an emergency, you want to know how long the process would take. You do require to raise the funds immediately and we do understand that. The first most important question to ask is how long does setting up a fundraiser take. On ImpactGuru it is no more than 5 minutes. An important part of making sure your fundraiser is taken live is the submission of all KYC documents. The faster your fundraiser goes live the faster you will be able to raise and withdraw the funds you need in an emergency. 

How much is it going to cost me to start a fundraiser? 

Through the 0% platform fundraiser, you will be able to raise the maximum amount from your funds. ImpactGuru waives off its platform fee so you can get a greater benefit in raising a larger portion of the funds for your medical treatment. 

Aside from third-party payments such as Government GST, which are mandatory, what’s important for you is to get the most of your fundraiser and for your crowdfunding platform to share a similar belief. 

Can I easily check the total funds raised? Can I easily withdraw the funds raised?

After you set up your fundraising campaign, it is important that you are periodically notified about the funds raised and the donors who have contributed. ImpactGuru, offers a personalized fundraising dashboard to campaigners on its platform. 


In addition, you can also make speedy withdrawals through the fundraising app available on PlayStore. We have built-in payment systems on ImpactGuru crowdfunding platform to enable end-to-end secure payments. Once received, your funds can be directly transferred in no time. For medical causes, for instance - you may have to submit prior documentation for the procedure/medications/tests you need funds for. 

How can I contact you?

An important question. Don’t underestimate the importance of crowdfunding assistance. Your crowdfunding platform will be the contact point for you in case of any queries about your fundraiser. A medical situation can turn urgent at any time. Make sure you choose a fundraising platform with 24x7 assistance to guide you through the process. 

Have they worked with similar crowdfunding cases?

Ask this without fail. Suppose your loved one needs funds for cancer treatment, make sure that your platform of choice has experience in crowdfunding medical care.  That way, they will be well-versed with the process and guide you to raise funds quicker in a medical emergency. It does not matter if you need funds for twice-a-week dialysis or for monthly blood transfusions; your relationship manager can understand the situation.  

As an aside, you can also use this website to compare different crowdfunding platforms ( No matter where you start your campaign, make an informed choice!