Heed to these 4 tips to start a fundraiser for your film

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 26, 2021

These days, an alternate financing option for many filmmakers is film crowdfunding. If traditional production houses are unable to finance a project, online crowdfunding can step in instead. In fact, filmmakers globally have used and are using crowdfunding to either start or complete their film projects. A film crowdfunding project, however, needs to appeal to the people, and connect with the donors. Here are some tips which can help you do exactly that.  

1. Let Everyone Have a Look at Your Idea

Use the appeal of your fundraiser to describe your project, its status, and why you are turning to fundraising . Other than that, make a short teaser or a trailer for your film for the potential donors to have a look at the snippet of your work.  You can even use snippets from your previous projects - even if it is a student short film - if it reflects what you are trying to do now. Another approach was illustrated by Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa pitch video; in this, the stop-motion animation of the film was depicted, along with a behind-the-scenes look at the making of it. People may come to your fundraiser to read, but a smartly done video will make them read and donate.

2. Make it Interesting with a Reward

Donating for a personal crowdfunding campaign is a rather selfless act on the part of the donors.  But what’s important to remember is that you need to connect and keep your audience engaging. Much like keeping up the momentum of your film through good direction and screenplay. How can you make sure to keep your fundraiser interesting for donors who will be seeing your concept for the first time? Some makers offer tickets to the film’s premiere; other incentives range from having Skype discussions with the creators of the film. Everything from being an extra on the film set, to having a character named after you, to being able to watch a rough cut of the film is discussed. Some donors, especially those contributing large sums - are even offered a share in the profits the film makes! You can avail 24x7 crowdfunding assistance with us at ImpactGuru for your personal cause. 


Offer your donors incentives like branded mugs, but only if it is an economical proposition

3. Get Inspired by Other Successful People Who Have Raised Funds

Crowdfunding has helped filmmakers around the world  create spectacular films. Documentaries to short films, Australian to Assamese; a wide range of films have used online fundraising successfully. 

Some of the popular Indian movies that were crowdfunded are:

  1. Manthan: Shyam Benegal

  2. Kothanodi: Bhaskar Hazarika

  3. Lucia: Pawan Kumar

  4. Greater Elephant: Srinivas Sunderrajan 

4. Choose The Right Crowdfunding Platform

Reaching out to people far and wide is the goal and online fundraising with ImpactGuru many like you have and you can too! Your online fundraiser’s success is enhanced when a large number of people are intrigued by your pitch. But before that, introduce them to your fundraiser by sharing it on WhatsApp and social media.   

Choosing the right platform will help you raise funds faster, get the funds transferred easily and manage your fundraiser easily. Having an easy to use website and the convenience of a mobile App can help you campaign for the project you are fundraising for better.  

These tips can help you get started with your crowdfunding project.