Is Crowdfunding Free Money?

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 31, 2021

Although new to the people in India, online crowdfunding is now being largely recognised as a resorted option in medical emergencies. And as with every new concept that is introduced in the market, there often come questions about it. The concept of donation-based crowdfunding, in particular, involves contributions from various donors to help patients and personal or social causes come to fruition. 

But can the funds raised be called free money?

Indeed, donation-based crowdfunding implies a no payback policy but we would be mistaken to call it a way to raise free money. Here are a few concrete reasons that clarify the same!

Promotes Healthcare Equity 

For various reasons most families in India cannot afford medical treatments and opt for medical crowdfunding. Despite their best efforts, families are unable to afford lakhs of rupees for organ transplants, ICU support or critical surgery. While one section of society may be more  The concept of fundraising essentially brings together those who can help with the funds and the ones in need of funds. At its  core, promoting a sense of being there for one another, ultimately giving all those in need 

ImpactGuru is India’s leading Medical Crowdfunding Platform where thousands suffering from cancer, in need of transplants or surgeries, have reached out for help and have been successful thanks to the generosity of ImpactGuru’s donors. 

To share help for medical expenses


There is no doubt that, for many, treatment for life-threatening diseases can be expensive. Crowdfunding helps pay those expensive medical bills and has saved lakhs of lives so far. Calling it free money would only discredit the collaborative efforts of the kind donors. 

 Learn more about how it works. 

To share kindness to those struggling emotionally

On hearing the word crowdfunding, one directly associates it with the contributions made by the donors. What is equally important to understand here is that crowdfunding goes beyond the sharing of funds with those in need. Donors come from a place of genuine care and are often seen following up with the patients on their medical progress. Campaigners too have expressed the heartwarming feeling when donors have reached out, wanting to know if they are doing well.   

This right here, this is a priceless feeling that money can’t bring. 

Crowdfunding cannot be termed as free money due to the amount of respect that comes with it. It is more than just raising money.

Considering absolute transparency and kind-hearted intentions, crowdfunding medical care is more an act of selflessness. It is when the kindness of thousands saves lakhs of lives. 

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