4 Medical Cases Crowdfunding Has Helped

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

An increasing number of patients facing varied medical emergencies & critical illnesses have begun using crowdfunding as a solution to pay for expensive hospital treatment. In just the past 3 years, ImpactGuru has been able to help more than 10,000 patients across India. Now over the next decade, our aim is to help finance the treatment of more than 1 million patients. 


However, each patient is different: they may have their own unique life story, their own unique medical complication, and their own reasons for why they have turned to crowdfunding in a last-ditch attempt to survive. In our experience as India’s leading medical crowdfunding platform, patients usually turn to fundraising online in these cases:

  1. Cancer


Patients holding up ribbons of different colors, symbolizing different types of cancer 

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Sometimes called as ‘the emperor of maladies’, the very word cancer itself feels like a crushing blow to many diagnosed patients. But even when they manage to mentally fortify themselves, the cost of cancer recovery is sometimes too much to take. From the expensive medications to the repeated sessions of chemotherapy & radiation, recovery from cancer extracts a heavy financial toll. In fact, midway through the treatment, just when the patient is making a recovery, many families usually run out of funds. The pain & heartbreak they go through to bear this burden is unimaginable.   

  1. Transplant

A last option for those suffering from chronic illnesses, a transplant is usually prescribed after patients have spent all their hopes and financial resources on other options. A transplant is thus very critical for the patient in need, but finding resources for the same is even tougher. Patients who reach this stage of their illness often speak of the embarrassment associated with begging their friends & family for monetary help, again and again. But - barring the use of crowdfunding - who else would they be able to turn to?


Different types of human organs are shown, from heart to lungs to kidney to liver 

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  1. Accidents

In November 2019, the Indian government revealed that annually, about 5 lakh road accidents occured in India. For many of these victims, time is of the essence. Grave internal injuries mean that the necessary operations have to be done within the given time frame. But in the absence of available funds, many a times it is too late by the time the family is able to collect the required amount. In such cases, fundraising has been able to successfully help any get back on their feet.


  1. Premature birth: 

It is harsh but true that a number of babies are born too soon; without prompt medical care, some of them are born too early to survive. Reasons for premature birth vary; it can occur in any family regardless of socio economic backgrounds. In any case, such infants need to be kept in the hospital for weeks - if not months - and require round-the-clock care. But - already stretched after pregnancy & childbirth - many families struggle to pay for the same. 


While these may classify as some among the most frequent cases, we have also helped raise funds for treatment of rare and unique diseases too. School-going kids struggling to live with thalassemia’s frequent blood transfusions; homemakers scarred by acid attacks; youngsters suffering from rare diseases like Ewing’s Sarcoma or Moyamoya disease or even congenital heart defects; they too have crowdfunded on ImpactGuru, and have been able to pay all or part of their treatment bills with the amount raised.


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