How To Fundraise Better? Tips For A Non-Profit

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 26, 2021

For various causes, they support NGOs resort to fundraisers when in need of funds.. No matter what cause they are working for, every nonprofit needs to sustain itself to ensure it can work effectively. But as any non-profit can tell you, it is not easy to get the funds they require without help. Considering that online crowdfunding is a fairly new concept,  constant reassurance and restoration of faith in the good done is what needs to be shared. 

Despite all the financial struggles, every non-profit tries to soldier on, helping bring smiles to people’s faces, and sustaining to see yet another year.

At ImpactGuru, we have worked with many non-profit organizations that aim for personal crowdfunding, and it warms our heart to see the impact they make on people’s lives. Based on our experience, these are 4 ways any non-profit can fundraise faster, and better.  

Tell Us More About Yourself

Talk as much as you can about the cause you are so passionate about. The more you express your keen interest in wanting to better the project at hand, it will reflect through your words. That’s exactly what you can use your fundraiser story for. 

Understand that adding great visuals and videos can only add value to your cause and give your fundraiser the potential to raise the funds faster. Visuals of the people or cause you are trying to help out.

Let’s suppose you are crowdfunding for the education of young children in rural areas. Adding images of these children in their classrooms or even their playground can be images to start off with. What’s important is that you show the current scenario and the progress you have made with the cause you are supporting. 

The more you share, the more invested your donors will be! 

Reach Out Through Your Employees

In this age of online endorsement, influencers and celebrities have supported and shared fundraising campaigns many times. Many times picked up from the virality of the fundraiser shared through social media, a number of fundraisers have found support this way. Ask your co-workers to join in and share your NGO’s fundraiser as much as they can, with family and friends.

Brainstorm to come up with online fundraising ideas to give your cause a push. Another way they can do the same, is by setting up an online fundraiser (by your non-profit), and asking your employees or well-wishers to set up support fundraisers. The amount collected by all these support fundraisers together goes to your nonprofit's original fundraiser. 

Incentivize And Create A Sense of Ownership

Here’s how crowdfunding works, you start a fundraiser online, share it across social media and the funds start pouring in. But how do you get your donor to connect better with your cause? 

It doesn’t have to be anything special. Perhaps a mug or a t-shirt with some catchy slogan & your logo. If you are an NGO that supports small-scale women artisans, sharing even a little curio as a keepsake with your donor could be a great way to connect. Memorable it will be!


Keep The Conversation Going

We can’t emphasize this enough but sharing updates work magic. When supporting causes like you do, there are a number of ups and downs. Crowdfunding goes beyond that. Donors are genuinely interested in your cause and the more you tell them about both your ups and downs the more likely they are to connect with you and share your story further. So keep sharing updates.  

You can take cues from our host of fundraising ideas that can help boost your donor engagement and give more prominence to your fundraiser. Let’s get started with these 4 effective tips. If at any point you feel like you need to try a few more, you’re welcome to look through our library of ideas