How To Fundraise Better? Tips For A Non-Profit

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: November 11, 2020

Fundraising is what keeps non-profit organizations going. No matter what cause they are working for, every nonprofit needs to sustain itself to ensure it can work effectively. But as any nonprofit can tell you, fundraising is not easy. Considering that the subject is delicate and fairly new to many, constant reassurance and restoration of faith in the good done, is what is required. Despite all this, every non-profit tries to soldier on, helping bring smiles to people’s faces, and living to see yet another year.

At ImpactGuru, we have worked with many non-profit organizations, and it warms our heart to see the impact they make on people’s lives. Based on our experience, these are 4 ways any non-profit can fundraise more, and fundraise better. 

  1. Tell us more about yourself:

Understand this: for a person, any person, in today’s day and age, contributing to one single  cause is a big ask. They will want to know more: what work does your non-profit do? Who does it help? Are there any photos / videos (preferably videos) of your previous initiatives? What do you propose to do with the funds I donate?

Prefer to err on the side of caution. Give more information, more testimonials, more records than a donor might need. Don’t give a potential donor any wiggle room; convince them thoroughly of the cause you work for, and of the work you do for this cause. 

  1. Reach out through your employees

The rise of Instagram influencers sheds light on a fact we know so well: if asked to trust one source - a person or an organization - people will prefer to trust the person. Similarly, when you are trying to fundraise for your non-profit organization, ask your employees to set up & run online fundraisers for the same cause. 

You could make it a healthy competition among your employees, encouraging them to share their fundraisers among their friends & family. Another way they can do the same, is by setting up an online fundraiser (by your non-profit), and asking your employees or well-wishers to set up support fundraisers. The amount collected by all these support fundraisers together goes to your nonprofit's original fundraiser. 

  1. Incentivize and create a sense of ownership:

Anyone can visit your online fundraiser and with a few clicks, donate to your fundraiser. But what is in it for them? How do they feel they have helped your nonprofit, or helped a cause close to their heart? Generosity may be an intangible feeling, but the proof of it should be tangible (at least for the donor).

It doesn’t have to be anything special. Perhaps a mug or a t-shirt with some catchy slogan & your logo. Perhaps a keychain or some other knick-knack. Heck, you can even take a step forward, and employ special groups - say, village artisans or women self-help-groups - to make something unique for your donors. Now that would be a memorable incentive.

  1. Take your fundraiser online

Physically collecting donations was always more difficult. Sending volunteers to crowded stations, expecting them to convince people rushing back home - of course, there were successes, but it was largely hit-and-miss. Now contrast this with online crowdfunding.

These crowdfunding ideas can help boost your and give more prominence to your fundraiser. The master key to ensuring your fundraiser keeps a certain momentum is sharing constant updates. Support these with images or even a video and it could get the attention of the right donors. When the right donors connect with you, there will always be a window that he or she might spread the word about your cause. For this to happen, she needs to know as much as possible about you. Let’s get started with these 4 effective tips. If at any point you feel like you need to try a few more, you’re welcome to look through our library of ideas

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