Great Ideas can turn believers into investors

Pitch your start-up in one go to investors from India and South East Asia through Impact Guru’s network and our partner, Fundnel. 

How it works?

Startups can raise money through donation crowdfunding and rewards crowdfunding.
Start a fundraiser
Offer rewards and promote it on social media
Get investors/contributors for your venture

Why should you start a crowdfunding fundraiser with us?

Find Supporters: Find support for your venture through investors and contributors who share your vision for change. Non-Equity funding: You can opt for rewards/donation crowdfunding which allows you to raise funds without giving away any share in your venture. Market Test your product/service: Raising funds through presales allows you to test the demand/ acceptability of your product in the market. Large Network of Investors: Through our Singapore-based partner, Fundnel, we have a large network of investors based in India and South Asia who can invest in your venture.