How Does Medical Crowdfunding Work?

By: Taqdees, Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

Road accidents, cancer on the rise, increase in death rates due to insufficient medical funds, poverty, we come across such devastating news on a daily basis. More often we simply read through such news. We think that we can only reach out to such people in need if we have enough money to support them. Moreover, the money required for cancer, surgeries, medical emergencies is a heavy burden for an individual.

Crowdfunding is the solution to this scenario. Crowdfunding is an easy way to raise medical funds by starting an online campaign and sharing it. Fortunately, it is as easy as it sounds.


A common scenario

If you know someone who needs funds for medical treatment, for example, a transplant, which requires a huge amount. Crowdfunding could be a perfect way to raise funds to support someone through such kind of treatment. 

Crowdfunding is the solution


For a situation like this, the most effective solution is to start a fundraiser.

The first thing you should do is, talk to the respective doctors or the hospital, and know how much expense needs to be covered. Gather relevant bills or papers required to identify the amount needed to be raised.


Choose the right platform

The most important step. Is to choose the right crowdfunding platform. ImpactGuru is India’s leading medical crowdfunding platform, which numerous successes in medical crowdfunding.

Go to ImpactGuru’s website and simply start a fundraiser. It will take less than 5 minutes and you can start a 0-cost fundraiser at ImpactGuru


Write what moves you


For your fundraiser, you need to write its story. Write about the person who is raising funds for. Being transparent about the patient’s state leads to the best story. ImpactGuru also offers professional assistance throughout the campaign process. The goal should be to reach out to people’s hearts. Enhance the emotions you felt while you felt the need to help this patient. Upload relevant pictures.


Share this campaign link everywhere!

Share the link on WhatsApp groups, email, and social media platforms. Reach potential donors by sharing and spread the story.


Keep the donors updated

It is important to keep updating the story. People who have donated for the patient will know how he is doing and will keep them connected. Updates also include recovery pictures which give immense gratification to the donors who will know that their donations have made a difference. It also motivates potential donors to donate.

A simple thank you is always more than enough to thank all the donors for believing in your cause and saving a life.

Saving a life can be easy by starting a fundraiser!


Here are three types of people you can help around you by starting a fundraiser

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