Three Types Of People Around You, You Can Help By Starting A Fundraiser This Diwali

By: Taqdees, Chiara

Published On: November 12, 2020

Fundraising is a simple process of seeking voluntary financial support from people on an online platform for personal or social causes.

Diwali is a festival of togetherness and light. It's a time of giving and sharing happiness. Unfortunately, there are so many people who can't celebrate Diwali because of their financial condition.

If you look around yourself, you will find at least a few people on a daily basis who need financial support. This year has hit us with Covid-19, which has led so many people in need of medical aid. If we step out of our comfort zones, we will find people in need of financial aid much bigger than an individual can handle. Choose to start a fundraiser for someone in need to get the financial help they are in need of. Imagine the amount of financial aid you can raise with a 0-cost fundraiser. During these hard times, it’s time for us to give back to the community. Here are three people around you that you can help right now by starting a fundraiser this Diwali.


An Eager Child

The pandemic has changed everything, especially the education system. Students are required to attend classes and even give exams online. But how many of us realize that so many people around us can’t afford a laptop or a smartphone. Our domestic help, drivers, and staff are people who can barely meet the school fee requirement. You can start a fundraiser for them to raise money for electronics and other necessities that can be used for their education. The question of ‘why should they be deprived of basic education because they can’t afford a smartphone?’ can be answered by starting a fundraiser. ImpactGuru is one of the few fundraising platforms in India that supports all types of fundraising. Here is how crowdfunding works.


A Friend In Need

People have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down, medical emergencies have increased. In this scenario, we all know someone whose life can be made easier with financial support. Starting a fundraiser for a family member or a friend is a great way to support during this tough time. Read about some great fundraising ideas to get you going.


A Senior Citizen

Diwali can be a great opportunity to show people you care. Especially the people around us. In any society, senior citizens are the most vulnerable. In a time where medicinal supplies have seen increasing prices and low volumes of production, senior citizens are suffering the most. They are retired, suffering from various age-related illnesses and most of them lack the means to pay for their medicines. You can start a fundraiser to help senior citizens who live around you. This will help them to buy medicines that are expensive and give them a chance to continue with their medical treatments and stay in good health.


Starting a fundraiser is a great way to give back to society and make a difference this Diwali.

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