A List of 20 Upcoming Marathons You'd Want To Run Through

By: Divya Kilikar

Published On: January 22, 2018

Dane Rauschenberg is an American veteran runner with an amazing story to tell; in 2006, he ran a marathon every single weekend. That’s 52 marathons in 52 weeks. That year, he raised $43,000 for charitable causes. He also wrote a powerful blog on RunnersWorld.com, listing 52 reasons to run a marathon, where he highlighted the excitement before you run, the exhilarating feeling of accomplishment when you finish, and how you develop a sense of camaraderie when you run 26 miles with a stranger.

There’s tons of nonprofit organizations out there, and they’re all running multiple projects that need funding. Nonprofits are constantly under pressure to find ways to attract the attention of the giving population towards their cause. While many struggle to brainstorm fundraising events and ideas (not everyone can achieve the Ice Bucket Challenge level), running a marathon is one that has never gone out of style (and probably never will).

What’s not to love about a marathon? By running a marathon, you’re becoming stronger and healthier, and you help make the world a better place! There’s also the bonus of a little bauble; there’s no shame in liking a medal for your achievement.

So put on your trainers and gear up for these upcoming marathons across India and #RunForImpact!

1. Pinkathon

Where: Bengaluru on 18th Feb and Hyderabad on 11th March
Cause: Women empowerment

Pinkathon believes that the first step any woman can take towards empowerment is taking control of her health. This marathon is the beginning of a movement that brings together women from around the world to respect themselves and focus on their fitness. Sign up here!

2. Udaan

Where: Navi Mumbai
When: 11th Feb
Cause: Children & Youth

Organized by the social wing of Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, this marathon gives you the opportunity to impact the lives of underprivileged children. The 2016 edition of their marathon raised Rs 1.5 lakhs for 10 children. 2017 raise Rs 2.2 lakhs for 14 children. Register for Udaan's marathon here.

If you're looking for more ways to get involved and save the life of an underprivileged child, join ANNADA on their mission to feed every hungry child in the country!

3. Kodaikanal Hills Ultra

Where: Kodaikanal
When: 27th Jan
Cause: Nature

Chennai Trekking Club and Rotary Club of Kodaikanal are collaborating to hold a marathon 2000 m high in the hills of Kodaikanal. Runners can enjoy a route filled with lush valleys, tribal trails and spotted with clouds. Register here.

4. 10K Intencity

Where: Kolkata
When: 4th March
Cause: Cleanliness & Fitness

Kolkata dwellers, if you’re hoping for a greener and healthier India, this could be your chance to do your bit to make it a closer goal. The 10K Intencity promotes fitness and cleanliness and has races for all age groups.

5. Go Heritage Run

Where: Hampi
When: 28th Jan
Cause: Culture & Heritage

This temple town is a UNESCO heritage site that once upon a time accommodates a large and prosperous civilization. Participate in this marathon to indulge in a rich, cultural (and healthy) escape into a monument-dotted village!

6. FLO Lucknow Half Marathon

Where: Lucknow
When: 28th Jan
Cause: Girl Child

Did you know that 62% of Indian children out of school are girls? And that there have been 10 million cases of female foeticide since 1990? With the tagline “Beti Bachao, Beti Padao”, FLO Lucknow is gearing up to empower the girl child; join the race!

Read the moving story of this NGO that's striving to teach poor orphan girls hygiene and sanitation!

7. Kids 3K Run

Where: Hyderabad
When: 28th Jan
Cause: Fitness

It’s not just the adults that need to worry about health and fitness. You can never start too young; here’s a chance to make your kid ditch their phones and tablets for a chance to win a medal after an exhilarating run. Get your children tickets soon!

8. Oxfam Trailwalker

Where: Bengaluru
When: 2nd Feb
Cause: Poverty

This one is the ultimate offline crowdfunding challenge! Groups of four will be asked to raise at least Rs 80,000 each towards alleviating poverty among underprivileged communities. You’ll be covering 100 km with your team in 48 hours! Sign up soon here.

Start a fundraiser for Oxfam here!

9. Au Bank Jaipur Marathon

Where: Jaipur
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Sustainability

Au Bank has partnered with ten nonprofits to raise money towards the UN sustainable development goals of good health and quality education. The marathon embraces the spirit of Jaipur with thousands of performers, floats and dancers set to dot the route, cheering on runners in this marathon!

10. Goa Marathon

Where: Panaji
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Poverty & Children

In partnership with El Shaddai Charitable Trust (a Goan nonprofit), the Goa marathon seeks to provide homes to the underprivileged children on the streets. This marathon sees runners of all levels of experience taking part to support the cause every year. El Shaddai runs day care and community centres and has housed street children who have been rehabilitated and gone on to attend college!

11. Legends Marathon

Where: Bengaluru
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Heart Disease

Heart diseases are now a leading cause of deaths in India. A quarter of the deaths that occur in a year are attributed to heart conditions. Take a break from your sedentary lifestyle and join the race to a healthier heart!

Don't live in Bengaluru? You can still take action against heart disease; help a low income family afford the treatment of a heart disease for their loved one here.

12. Ridley Run 2018

Where: Chennai
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Environment

The Olive Ridley is a turtle that shows up on the shores of Chennai’s beaches every December to April. These wondrous creatures swim all the way from the Pacific Ocean, more than 21,000 miles away! Let’s appreciate their effort and join the Ridley Run to raise awareness about the endangered species.

Take a look at this fundraiser that's striving to stop hunters from endangering native Indian birds.

13. Startup 5K Run

Where: Hyderabad and Pune
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Girl Education

Startup Leadership Program Hyderabad is a highly selective program for promising global leaders. Each year, SLP runs a marathon for a chosen cause and this year, they have partnered with the nonprofits Sankalp and Pratyusha with the tagline “Beti Padao”. Run to say that girls count and promote girl education!

Take a look at this NGO that was able to raise enough money to train 15 underprivileged brilliant students to join IITs!

14. Run for Cancer

Where: Pune
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Cancer Awareness

Care India Medical Society has been serving underprivileged cancer patients for 25 years, right from early detection and treatment to cancer education. With the onset of their awareness spreading programmes, more and more cancer patients come to them every year, seeking help. Join their 25-year-anniversary marathon to promote awareness about the deadly disease!

Read about the parents of a child that lost the battle to Leukemia now crowdfunding for other affected children!

15. Run 4 Earth

Where: Pune
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Environment

Rotary Club of Amanora is striving to promote the conservation of natural resources through a fun marathon. Runners will be encouraging people to use plastic sensibly and reminding them to practice sustainable living for happier and healthier planet.

16. Kashi Periyar River Run 2018

Where: Kochi
When: 4th Feb
Cause: Nature

Get a taste of the breath-taking forested trail along the Periyar river while working towards a healthier and fitter you! Sign up for a much-needed break today.

17. AIESEC Green Marathon

Where: Mumbai
When: 11th March
Cause: Sustainability

The AIESEC network includes 70,000 members from 127 countries, all working to provide the best foreign internship experience to students and striving to achieve the UN sustainable development goals. Join their marathon to promote sustainability and cleanliness in Mumbai.

Take a look at this inspiring campaign that raised Rs 3 lakhs towards waste management!

18. Pink Midnight Marathon

Where: Mumbai and Chennai
When: 21st April
Cause: Women Empowerment

Mahatma Gandhi once stated, “The day a woman can walk freely at midnight on the roads, that day we can say India has achieved independence.” Join India’s largest midnight marathon to support charities that work towards women health and safety. Register for the midnight marathon here.

19. Into the Light

Where: Mumbai
When: 25th Feb
Cause: Suicide Prevention

Did you know that India has one of the highest suicide and depression rates in the world? What better way to celebrate life and promote a suicide-free society than running a marathon?

20. Run for Cerebral Palsy

Where: Mumbai
When: 18th Feb
Cause: Disability Awareness

Here’s a marathon that differently abled children can join in as well! Nearly 20% of differently abled children suffer cerebral palsy in India, though little awareness is spread about the disease. Grab this opportunity to be part of a meaningful cause and help differently abled children feel included in the community. Register today.

If you're willing to help a little child suffering cerebral palsy, take a look at this fundraiser!

While the Ice Bucket Challenge was a great gimmick which actually did raise a lot of money for research into ALS, it did little to actually raise awareness about the disease. Marathons, however, have been one of the most effective ways to spread awareness, create buzz locally and raise money to create a change.

Crowdfunding has proven to be as effective (and as rewarding an experience!), and several marathons have paired up with crowdfunding campaigns to promote causes in the past. You don’t have to be an influencer or philanthropist to make a difference in the world. Start crowdfunding for a nonprofit you connect to today!