World Elephant Day-Here Are Ways To Help Animals On ImpactGuru

By: Milton, Diamond

Published On: August 12, 2021

World Elephant Day is celebrated every year on August 12 to raise awareness about the dangers that elephants face around the world. It’s also a day to simply appreciate our 4 legged friends by finding solutions to improve their living conditions.

But how do we do that? How can we reach out and make a difference to address their exploitation and help them with food and safety while being restricted to our own homes? Let's find out:

Animal Crowdfunding

Animal crowdfunding allows one to raise necessary funds for our precious friends in need of desperate help. This type of crowdfunding can include causes ranging from providing food, shelter, safe sterilization or medical treatment for injured animals. There are many NGOs, passionately driven to provide animal welfare who have tried animal crowdfunding and ended up saving lives! This is also possible due to the support of animal lovers from around the world who generously donate to causes like these.

Here are some animal fundraisers on ImpactGuru that made a difference: 

Helping The Sick And Injured Wild Animals Of Bengaluru 

1. Helping The Sick And Injured Wild Animals Of Bengaluru 

‘People For Animals’ is an NGO in Bengaluru that rescues, treats and releases urban wild animals back into their natural habitats. They started operations in 1996 and since then have rescued over 25,000 wild animals and successfully impacted the lives of over 200 wild species. 

Since the pandemic began, the monetary support for the NGO had decreased. The number of volunteers, interns, vets and donors visiting the shelter had also reduced significantly. Without adequate financial support, the wounded and traumatized animals were deprived of proper treatment and a safe environment.

The NGO needed close to Rs 20 lakhs to provide the best treatment for over 250+ animals at their shelter. All the savings that they had were exhausted and hence, they started an online fundraiser. 

The fundraiser ended in December 2020. It managed to rescue and provide treatment to over 500 animals during the lockdown due to the support of good samaritans on ImpactGuru.

2. Helping An NGO Build A Shelter For Stray Animals

Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW) in Noida has successfully treated over 1000 critically injured dogs so far since its launch in 2015. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, KAW has been receiving daily requests of at least 30+ stray animals who were in need of rescue or critical care. They tried their best to attend to as many animals as they could but were falling short of space to take in anymore animals. 

The Solution:

KAW is now planning to build a permanent animal shelter. The plot is a 5000 sq yard area that will accommodate 350-400 animals at any given point. The facility will have a cage-free environment for the animals with a separate section for senior animals, a separate area for puppies, a physiotherapy centre, a medical centre, full-time staff, a cattery and 5 rooms with solar panels. 

The cost of the new project will be around Rs 1 crore. It is a huge amount but community support is what’s helping KAW extend its reach in helping more stray animals. Without their support, these animals are at risk of being homeless.

KAW’S fundraising campaign has so far raised Rs 15.79 lakhs with the support of over 1k+ donors. You can help KAW by donating and sharing this fundraiser across your social circle, here

3. Preventing Stray Animals From Starving Amidst Lockdown

Friendicoes and Earthlings Trust were two non-profits from Delhi and Noida respectively. Their aim was to ensure that hundreds of street dogs were fed each day during the lockdown. 

As the lockdown was extended further, there was a need to scale up operations to meet the demand. Financial crunch was stopping them from continuing their good work. Until things got back to normalcy, trucks and vans were being used to feed the stray dogs in the city. 

The amount needed for this noble cause was Rs. 40 lakhs. They needed these funds to buy food supplies like rice, dalia and dog food. The NGOs started an online fundraiser to receive support from like-minded animal lovers from all over the world. 

Are you finding it difficult to feed the stray dogs in your area on a regular basis? Are there NGOs in your locality who need financial support to serve these speechless and innocent creatures? You can also get in touch with an NGO that is committed to protecting and helping elephants out in the wild.

If you want to make a difference, then consider starting a fundraiser to help these animals or you could also donate to animal fundraisers here.

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