Why Heart Attacks Have Become Common Among India’s Youth

By: Visakha, Diamond

Published On: November 12, 2021

The Indian Heart Association says that Indian men are prone to heart attacks almost 33% more than people in other demographics. With 50% of all heart attacks occurring in Indian men below 50 years of age and 25% of heart attacks under 40 years of age, the Indian youth has become increasingly vulnerable to heart diseases in current times.


In an interview with The New Indian Express, Senior Interventional Cardiologist of Apollo Hospitals, Dr Kader Sahib Ashraf says, “In the past 10 years, youngsters without risk factors are also getting heart attacks.” From this, one may infer that heart attacks are no longer a disease restricted to the older population, but can happen to practically anybody.

Siddharth Shukla and Puneet Rajkumar suffered from a heart attack at the ages of 40 and 46 respectively.

Popular Indian serial actor, Siddharth Shukla, and Kannada star, Puneet Rajkumar’s untimely deaths by heart attack at ages of 40 and 46 respectively, brought even more focus to the rise in heart attacks amongst the younger crowd, even those who are presumed to follow a healthy and fitness-oriented lifestyle.

Factors contributing to heart attacks amongst youth

While a family history of diabetes, hypertension and obesity plays a major role in causing heart attacks in general, doctors have come to recognise another leading factor for heart attacks amongst the youth. Stress! A recent report by Times of India states that 82% of the Indian population is stressed. The reason for which, if we were to infer, is that the prevalent lifestyle choices of many individuals are correlated to their work lives, which makes stress the by-product of the so-called “hustle” culture in India today. 


Stress arising from work, family, inability to meet certain demands, infrequent breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and so on, affects our physical health. Doctors say that unmanaged stress gives birth to unhealthy habits such as alcohol dependence, smoking, or binge eating - which plays a great role in causing heart attacks amongst the youth. Dr S Aravindakumar, Chief Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Kaurvery Hospitals Tiruchy, says, 

“With work from home, their targets have increased and they work for longer hours. They don’t have time to exercise or follow a healthy diet. Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance, leading to obesity, which all collectively trigger diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases'' 

How can we prevent heart attacks?

While doctors say that heart attacks cannot really be prevented, there are ways to control the risk factors so as to avoid heart ailments in the future. Below are some of the simple ways in which we can reduce the chances of having heart related diseases:

  • Exercise: Healthy dietary habits and regular exercise can help tackle hypertension or obesity, which in turn can keep heart diseases at bay. 

  • Check for Symptoms: Any symptoms such as breathlessness, chest pain or dizziness should be checked immediately at the time of experience, even for those who are in their 20s and 30s.

  • Regular Check-ups: Doctors also recommend regular heart check-ups for young individuals with a family history of heart diseases. 

  • Avoid Sitting for Long Hours: Another way to keep the heart steady is by taking short walks during the day. Research at Harvard Health showed that sitting for too many hours can be “hazardous” to heart-health.

Crowdfunding and heart disease awareness

At times like these when the younger generation is at a significantly high risk for heart diseases, raising awareness about the same becomes imperative. Moreover, helping those who are already stricken by this illness becomes the need of the hour. One way to help those with heart diseases is through crowdfunding. Heart treatment costs in India are markedly high and not everybody has access to the required resources to cover the costs of heart surgery or transplants. Through the process of crowdfunding, you can make a big difference in the lives of those with heart illnesses. 


Crowdfunding for campaigners:

Do you have a loved one suffering from heart diseases? Or do you know someone who might need some level of financial backing to cover medical costs? This is your chance to make a big impact in their life - by starting a fundraiser on their behalf and helping them find the money they need to get treatments and live a heart-healthy life. As a campaigner, by raising funds on a trusted crowdfunding website in India, such as ImpactGuru, you can raise the money needed to cover medical and recovery costs for loved ones with heart diseases. 


Crowdfunding for donors:

There are so many people in our country who do not have access to financial resources to cover medical bills at the time of need. Heart surgeries, transplants, recovery expenses - they can be very expensive and that kind of hefty money is not something that can be arranged alone. When such lives appeal for help on crowdfunding websites, it becomes a humanitarian duty for the country at large to pay attention, to reflect, and if possible, to donate. There is a lot of power in the hands of a potential donor. As a donor, by donating to fundraisers for patients with heart ailments, you can help save a life or two. More so, by sharing such fundraisers, you would not only be spreading awareness about heart diseases amongst the youth, but you would also be helping those in need by bringing together potential donors for a cause. 


Let’s work together as a community to lead a healthy life with a healthy heart. If you wish to help someone with heart disease, you can start a fundraiser on our trusted fundraising site, ImpactGuru. You could also take a look at the existing fundraisers on the website of patients with heart ailments and choose to donate to the same.

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