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Heart Crowdfunding Can Help You Raise Funds For Your Heart Disease Treatment Cost

We can only imagine what it feels like when a loved one’s heart or your own heart is suffering from a problem. The number of people suffering from heart problems in India have escalated in the recent years and the treatment procedures are getting expensive. Heart conditions don’t just deteriorate the health of the patients but also drain away their finances.To arrange funds for bypass surgery cost or an open heart surgery often becomes an added cause of stress.
We know the situation is stressful enough for you and have built a hassle-free platform that lets you raise funds from wherever you are for any heart procedure and treatment. Crowdfunding is an easy way to help you raise money through friends and family to cover angioplasty cost, open heart surgery cost, bypass surgery cost etc. to help you fight for your heart.

Why use crowdfunding for heart problems?

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It’s easy, quick and

You can start a fundraiser in just 5 minutes for free and raise funds online (with a just few clicks!).

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Get help from those who care

Thanks to social media, help is now just a share away. Ask your friends, colleagues’ relatives etc. to donate and share your cause with their contacts.

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Reduce your financial burden

Crowdfunding helps decrease your burden by funding completely or in part, the treatment, without you having to worry about paying back the money.

Why crowdfund on Impact Guru?

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How it Works?

How Heart Crowdfunding Works

Still confused about how crowdfunding works? Click here to know more.

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