Sudden Cardiac Arrest: A Growing Concern

By: Zahabiya, Shrishaila

Published On: January 05, 2022

Young and seemingly fit people's deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest -commonly known as a heart attack - have left people in India perplexed and scrambling for answers. When the Danish player Christian Eriksen, 29, suffered a sudden cardiac arrest during a Euro 2020 match, many people were surprised as to how such a thing could happen to such a healthy and young athlete. Avi Barot, a former India Under-19 captain and a member of the Ranji Trophy-winning team in 2020, died aged 29, after suffering a heart attack. Similarly, Siddharth Shukla, an Indian television actor’s sudden demise due to sudden cardiac arrest sent shockwaves across the country. Timely heart treatment can save lives. However, the heart treatment costs in India might be out of reach for a majority of the middle-class population.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Reasons

When someone experiences a sudden cardiac arrest  (SCA), it means that the heart unexpectedly stops beating. It can cause heart malfunctions, in which case blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs. SCA can be fatal if it's not treated within minutes!

According to the Indian Heart Association, when heart disease strikes Indians, it tends to do so at an earlier age (almost 33 per cent earlier) than other demographics, often without prior warning.  It can be roughly estimated that annually about 7 lakh SCD cases occur in India. Cardiologists say they have, over the last decade, seen an increase in persons suffering heart attacks in their 20s and 30s.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Causes:

If you are wondering, ‘what is the cause of sudden cardiac arrest’, here are the most ignored risk factors for sudden cardiac arrest or heart strokes:

  •  Sleep deprivation.

  •  Disrespecting rest and recovery.

  •  Training too soon and training heavy post-COVID-19 recovery.

  •  Uncontrolled and poorly managed high triglycerides and diabetes/sugar levels.

  •  Stopping medication without one’s doctor's advice.

  •  Lack of cardiac testing especially when you have a family history of heart problems.

  •  Disrespectful and unsupervised use of steroids, fat burners, supplements; fad diets and fad training programs

-As cited in an NDTV article

Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

Taking care of your health is imperative. Following a heart-healthy lifestyle can help you lower your risk for heart disease, sudden cardiac arrest, and other heart problems. A heart-healthy lifestyle includes:

  1. Heart-healthy eating

  2. Aiming for a healthy weight

  3. Managing stress

  4. Physical activity

  5. Quitting smoking

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Crowdfunding in India:

Heart illnesses such as heart failures, genetic heart diseases, unstable angina and other heart ailments can require expensive treatments like heart transplant and heart surgery - the cost of which might be even more difficult to pay during a medical emergency. A quick and mindful solution here is medical crowdfunding in India. This entails raising funds from donors online to cover medical and hospital costs. With medical fundraising, the patient and their family don’t have to trade in their financial security in exchange for their life. 

Quickly browsing through medical fundraisers on crowdfunding platforms like ImpactGuru reveals various stories –  a farmer experiencing an abrupt heart attack, a toddler with a congenital heart defect, a 25-year old woman with chronic heart problems and a bright young man, who suffered brain and physical complications from a cardiac arrest. All of them, and more, raised funds through medical crowdfunding on ImpactGuru.

Crowdfunding in India has become a silver lining for several individuals across India who were met with medical emergencies. While the above-stated cases are just a few examples, crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has helped raise funds for heart diseases, transplants and other critical illnesses. To know more about crowdfunding and how it works, visit our page here

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