Raising Money For Your Fundraiser Is Easy With These 10 Crowdfunding Hacks!

By: Visakha, Diamond

Published On: October 22, 2021

Do you wish to raise funds for a loved one’s medical treatment? Are you looking for financial support to raise awareness and get resources for your NGO? Do you have a dream university that you wish to study in but the fee is too expensive? 


Crowdfunding platforms in India can be the solution to all of these and more. From getting funds for a kidney transplant to getting some financial back-up for that injured stray cat you saw on your way to college - Crowdfunding is for everyone and helps you raise funds for any cause close to your heart.


Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

ImpactGuru, a well-known crowdfunding website in India raised Rs. 16 Crores for a single fundraiser! Moreover, crowdfunding gained increased recognition in India during the pandemic - a time of worldwide crisis, with donations on crowdfunding platforms at an all-time high, proving our basic human instinct to help others during vulnerable times and also, to make a difference. 


Now that we know about crowdfunding, let us dive into a few tips that can make a fundraiser stand out:


1. Plan It Out

Lay down a plan for your fundraiser. Start with your specific cause, your goal amount, your time limit, and the documents you need in your fundraising journey. Choose the kind of crowdfunding that you wish to pursue. Make sure your details are laid out in a categorical and systematic way. That will help the audience understand your cause with clarity.

2. Pick Your Platform

To get financial help via crowdfunding, you need to decide on a trusted crowdfunding platform first. In India, there are several user-friendly fundraising platforms such as ImpactGuru  that provide a unique 0% platform fee model,  quick verification of your fundraiser easy fund withdrawal at any point in your fundraising journey as well as 24*7 expert support. Choosing the correct crowdfunding platform for you is vital especially if you need quick funds or need financial support in an emergency.

3. List of Potential Donors

Before you launch your fundraiser, start by making a list of people you think would most likely donate to your cause. Your friends, your family members, your colleagues, etc - anybody you think would pause and deliberate on donating to your cause. Locking in support from your social circle early helps you raise awareness around your cause and build trust with other potential donors who come across your fundraiser organically. 

4. Social Media and How to Engage

With the growing reach of social media, your fundraiser has the potential to connect to anyone in any corner of the world with just one click! When it comes to utilising social media platforms,  uploading photos of your cause onto your socials such as Facebook and Instagram and writing personal captions that have a sense of urgency and appeal can give your fundraise an extra boost! Also, make the most of the social media channel your are on and include relevant and trending hashtags, such as #Awareness, #MedicalTreatment, #Crowdfunding, #Fundraising, #EducationCrowdfunding  while writing about your cause. This helps attract more potential donors and well-wishers to your fundraiser story. 

 5. A Good Video Can Raise a Thousand Views

We already know that images work well in crowdfunding campaigns (also known as fundraisers), since they add authenticity and relatability to your fundraiser. What can help you even more is adding video content. In medical crowdfunding campaigns for example, adding videos of patients or their families sharing their story or in animal-welfare related causes, inserting a video of the animals you wish to rescue, can move a potential donor and remind them of the urgency of your crowdfunding campaign. 


6. Communicate, Don’t Spam

While writing the story for your fundraiser, communicate clearly and directly why you need the funds. At the end of the day, people will donate because they BELIEVE - in your fundraiser and in you. Make your story stronger with important details that potential donors would want to know. Examples of some questions they might have are:


  1. When do you need the funds?

  2. How will it help you or the people around you?

  3. If it’s a medical fundraiser, you can update them on the current status of the patient’s health.


It’s also important to remember to refrain from over-spamming your social media. Give them important updates around your fundraiser and make sure that no 2 posts on the same platform (eg. Facebook) are the exact same. So - Create. Personalise. Share! 

7. Keep Updating The Fundraiser

Keeping your well-wishers and donors in the loop increases the level of transparency of your cause and adds to your fundraiser’s credibility. It also makes sure that people who are invested in your story and have shared and/or donated to your fundraiser are able to know your progress.  

8. Appeal to a Larger Audience

When it comes to fundraisers, we have a tendency to send the link and expect only our known faces to donate to the cause. While that may bode well with some campaigners, if you need a large amount of money, then it is advised that you increase your donor base. Like we mentioned above, use social media tools, or organise a small-scale online or offline event, in order to bring together a larger community of people.

9. A Follow-Up Post Your Campaign’s End

A lot of people donated to your cause because they believed in you and your fundraiser. After your funds are raised and your cause is fulfilled, do let your donors and supporters know of your fundraising success. Your donors will be content to know that their money reached the person and the cause that they wished to support. Share your success and joy with your donors with a follow-up on your journey.

10. A Thank You Note 

Let your donors - the people who are rooting for you - know how big a role they played in your life with the use of short, simple, and friendly thank you notes. Your gratitude helps donors know of the impact they made in someone’s life and inspires them to continue helping more and more people.  Kindness only grows stronger when shared!

Tips and hacks work best when the platform you’re using is reliable, safe, and genuine. At the end of the day, you should be comfortable with the platform you turn to in your time of need. At ImpactGuru, we understand how strongly you feel for your cause - whether it is - medical, educational, or NGO related. 


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