4 Social Media Tactics For Efficient Fundraising

By: Astha & Chiara

Published On: February 02, 2021

Social media has opened avenues for faster and efficient fundraising as networking and outreach have been made easier. Gone are those days when printed pamphlets were distributed in public spaces. A single post on Facebook or Instagram can stir up some buzz about your fundraiser. Although, while you have access to hundreds of thousands of people, convincing them to pay heed to your cause in these times of ever-shortening attention spans isn’t a cakewalk! Knowing the basics and having a strategic approach will help you achieve your fundraising goals. 

Here are a few basic ways in which campaigners can use social media to their optimal advantage:

1. Choose A Relevant Platform 

Before you deep-dive into the social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram, consider which platform can help you gather a dynamic target audience. Having a plan mapped out will do no good if you are unable to capture your target audience. Depending on your cause, explore different niches of crowdfunding. This will eventually fetch you more attention. You may then go on to execute your campaign plan to cater to specific groups. 

2. Narrate Your Story To Appease Your Target Audience 

The purpose of your fundraiser story is to make the donors believe in your cause wholeheartedly. Your story is the voice of your fundraiser. Define the vital pieces of your story and answer all the vital questions that may arise about your fundraiser. Set a theme to your story and build up to the point of tension thereby revealing the urgency of your cause. End with a powerful appeal. 

3. Showcase Your Milestones 

Set a few benchmarks whilst making your campaign plan. Showcase them with pride on your social media handle as you tick them off. It is vital to show your donors the progress and milestones your fundraiser has achieved. Tell them how they have helped improve the patient’s health through updated reports and tests. This will help the potential donors and increase their engagement to help further your cause. 

4. Donor Recognition 

Appreciate your donors loud and clear! Applaud them for their generosity and help that they have extended to bring a positive change to your cause. Repost and reshare the posts from their personal handles and accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Tag them to invite them to be a part of your little successes. This will go a long way when it comes to Conversing and connecting with these donors goes a long way. 

Incorporate these fundamentals into your social media strategies to gain maximum traction for a successful fundraiser. To further learn how to make your fundraiser a success visit: