Celebrities Who Showed Us That Asking For Help Is The Bravest Thing One Can Do

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: January 21, 2022

“Never be afraid to admit you need help. 
Asking for someone's support or advice is a sign of strength and courage.”

- A popular proverb

Anthropologist Margaret Mead’s research on human civilisation revealed that the early signs of humans helping each other date back to 15,000 years ago. Around that time, breaking a femur would mean guaranteed death as it would leave one unable to hunt and open to attack. However, in one rare instance, scientists found a femur bone that was healed, indicating that another human helped the person and tended them to recovery. Case in point, Pail Einzing's book Primitive Money talks about the then-existence of the barter system, which was a way of helping and fulfilling the needs of each other with the resources at hand. Human beings are social creatures, interdependent, and driven with the inclination to help each other.

However, somewhere down the line, asking for help became synonymous with some sort of incapability and failure to achieve something on our own. We ended up glorifying self-reliance even at the expense of our own peril. However, it’s time we address this and set the record straight.

Why Is Asking For Help Difficult? 

Consider the example of asking for help when in an emergency. Many are hesitant to approach their family, relatives and friends even if it comes at a huge personal cost. According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, many hesitate to ask for help due to the risk of rejection, the uncertainty of response and the potential for ‘diminished status.’ There is also an association that assumes that there will be relinquishing of autonomy, which is as similar to the brain as physical pain is to the body!

Of course, as those very same social beings, we are prone to defending ourselves from the possibility of rejection (however far-fetched it may be) and in the process, we are unable to see the true potential in asking for help. Some popular personalities that you might know have been through similar experiences and we believe that their tried and tested quotes can inspire us to open our hearts to seeking and receiving help!

Erasing the stigma around asking for help

One of the most prominent Bollywood celebrities, Deepika Padukone - has addressed her battle with depression in the past and has been an advocate for seeking help in desperate times. Hear it in her words below, 

Deepika’s mother, Ujjala Padukone, then suggested that she seek help. And so she did! Now, she is the spokesperson for Live Love Laugh Foundation, which raises awareness around depression and anxiety. In the process of learning about asking for help, Deepika managed to help many!

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It is completely fine to be apprehensive about asking for help at first. Favourite TV show host and entrepreneur, Oprah Winfrey, says it best here -  

Media mogul, Oprah, has been the symbol of giving and helping others. She has proved in several instances that helping in time of need is like helping one's own self. She believes that in moments of urgent need it is necessary to ask for help. 

Another quote by Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester also shows us how asking for help and in turn helping is a gift. She says,

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In fact, according to a study published by Harvard Business School, asking for advice and help boost the perception of competence! The act of asking for assistance is after all, helping our own self. Popular actress Lily Collins from Emily in Paris agrees with the same here: 

Asking for help shows that you are strong and believe in your cause. In a world where everything is expected to be fast-paced, surrounding yourself with people who believe in your cause like you do is highly valuable. 

Supporting the above sentiment is this quote by the much-loved singer, Beyonce - 

Crowdfunding - the digitized way of asking for help

The advent of technology and high-speed internet services has aided people to reach out of their comfort zones from the safety of their own homes. Asking for help can do wonders today, in case of raising funds for emergencies - it can gain you people who will root for your cause. More and more people across India are believing that modern ways only help garner the support of thousands!

For Instance, 

Hammad was the 7th Indian child to be born with the rare Sirenomelia a.k.a. Mermaid Syndrome. His parents asked for help from thousands of people all over. His fundraiser raised  ₹32+ Lakhs helping him take his baby steps thanks to the 2574 donors donating on ImpactGuru. 

Asking for help in a digitized way did wonders for little Hammad 

With an average of 5 donations received every minute on ImpactGuru, the platform has raised over ₹2000+ Crores, empowering more and more people who asked for help and in the process helping lakhs of lives including patients, families of patients, frontline workers, doctors, senior citizens and more!  

If you believe in your cause, there are 20+ Lakh donors who have so far come forward as changemakers to make a difference on ImpactGuru and help those who need it the most!

If you want to know more about asking for help and emergency crowdfunding, then click here