Photo Blog: Heartwarming pictures to see on World Photography Day

By: Shrishaila, Milton

Published On: August 19, 2021

On August 19, 2021, or World Photography Day, we celebrate some of the most recent heartwarming pictures on the internet! The pandemic has pushed our ability to persevere, resulting in events that have led us to re-examine our own resilience. We all know someone or perhaps are someone who has tested their own boundaries. While one can by no means be reductive or oversimplify the extent of the atrocities that Covid-19 resulted in, we can still celebrate people around the world who came together in a collective moment of strength while struggling with their own limitations.

Below, we revisit photographs of strength and perseverance in India and around the world:

Neeraj Chopra leads India to celebrate its first-ever Olympic Gold in Athletics! The 23-year-old comes from a farmer family and overcame personal hurdles such as lack of funds for training and equipment.

Instagram: Neeraj Chopra

After the most prestigious handover by Tokyo, the countdown to Paris 2024 begins now! 

Instagram: Official Tokyo 2020

A smile brighter than the sun! Miss Vaidehi Dongre represents and delivers a win for the Indian immigrants at Miss India USA 2021.

“Photos can be so misleading. I want to remind myself that what you see is not really what exists…”

Actor Sameera Reddy throws light on body positivity and how photos can be misleading on the internet! A lot of us experienced post-lockdown anxiety around our body. Reddy became a voice of the people by sharing her journey. 

The winning moment for Team India. Virat Kohli’s men celebrate after the recent test series win at Lord’s earlier this week. 

Source: ICC Instagram

At ImpactGuru as well, some heartwarming pictures spoke a thousand words-

“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” 

Said by Alfred Stieglitz, this is the perfect quote to capture Varshini’s smile! Donors from around the world helped raise Rs. 14 Lakhs to support this young one in her fight against cancer! Instagram: ImpactGuru

With your love and support, Trinay has received the much-needed liver transplant.

Baby Trinay’s parents knew they couldn’t afford the Rs 27 lakhs for their little one’s liver transplant surgery on their own. Imagine their surprise and happiness when kind donors from around the world came together on ImpactGuru to get Trinay her surgery and healthy future. 

Image Source:

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

The Circle of Love: Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW) in Noida has treated over a thousand animals in their vicinity. Now the four-legged cuties come running for treats every time they spot a KAW volunteer!

Parents of kids from Bombay Scottish School raised a target of 60 lakhs to help the non-teaching staff who were affected by the pandemic. With the help of 1503 donors, the parents were able to bring back a smile on the the staff’s faces.

Image Source:

Another cause by ImpactGuru, ANGEL #ThankANurse’, aims at upskilling the frontline nurses by taking them through intensive training, mentorship programs partnered with several hospitals. This is a one of a kind initiative to help the nurses in our country. 

Source: ImpactGuru.Com

ImpactGuru is celebrating the efforts of the many who believe. The above stories are of people and events that took place in the last year, people who believe they deserve better and worked hard for it. This World Photography Day we take a moment and quietly celebrate our own capacity of endurance and courage.

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