Be a GEM: Help Patients in India #FightCancer

By: Raj, Diamond

Published On: April 10, 2022

WHO states that cancer is a life-threatening disease and one of the leading causes of worldwide death,  causing nearly 1 in six deaths. As per the GLOBOCAN cancer statistics report of 2020, globally, there were nearly 19.3 million new cancer cases. Deaths reported due to cancer were 10 million in 2020. 

In India, nearly 2.25 million people are battling cancer, and 11,57,294 new cancer cases are registered every year, according to the Cancer India Statistics.


The Health Insurance for India’s Missing Middle report states that at least 30% or 40 crore individuals do not have any health insurance. This means that the out of pocket expenses of patients and their families is uncharacteristically high, especially with diseases such as cancer that require rigorous and extensive therapies..

One way that India’s patients are getting help for critical illnesses like cancer is through crowdfunding platforms.


How Do Crowdfunding Platforms Work?

  1. Crowdfunding platforms help you fundraise for any cause including your medical expenses.

  2. Patients or a family member can start a fundraiser in 5 minutes by uploading relevant documents such as hospital bills.

  3. Once created and verified, the fundraiser link can be shared on social media to begin raising funds from donors online 

Leading medical crowdfunding platforms in India like ImpactGuru also give expert assistance throughout. This kind of emotional support during such a trying period in one’s life can help patients focus on just getting better and not worrying about funds. ImpactGuru has raised 2000+* crore helping thousands of patients fight critical illnesses such as cancer, heart failure, rare diseases and more.


Mindful Giving with ImpactGuru

In order for cancer patients to get faster and more consistent help, ImpactGuru has started a new initiative that is bigger, better and bolder than ever before. This initiative is a subscription called GEM or ‘Give Every Month’ that helps changemakers and donors, donate monthly to cancer patients. GEM directs all monthly donations to new and most critical cancer patients every month. 

GEM donors on ImpactGuru experience 100% transparency with monthly reports, unlock 80G tax benefits, free insurance and more. Know more about the subscription that saves lives every month, here: Help Patients In India #FightCancer

Cost of Cancer Treatment in India

Cancer Treatments involve the use of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, medicinal therapy, surgeries to cure, control, or alleviate the symptoms of any form of cancer. Chemo, radiotherapy, and surgery may destroy, eliminate or weaken the cancerous cells in a specific body location. Cancer Treatment may stop cancer spread or harm the cancerous tissue and prevent them from returning.

The cost of cancer treatment may vary depending on the hospital, staff’s expertise, state, type of treatment and the stage of cancer. We will take an overview of the variable cost of cancer in various cities and expenses before and after medication to get a more clear picture of it.

The cost of cancer treatment in different cities may look like:



Note: This is just an approximate cost, real cost may vary.

As per the rough estimates above, one can gauge that expenses vary from city to city, where Mumbai has the highest cost for cancer therapy while Chennai is the least expensive in terms of cancer treatment. 

Even expenses are different from when you start your medication till the last chemotherapy based on various factors given below. 


Expenses at Different Stages are Given Below:

 To summarize the overall cost of cancer treatments in India and to make it easy to calculate, Practocare study, sum up the total cost into three parts:

  • The minimal expense for Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis begins from INR Rs. 90,000.

  • The average cost of Cancer Treatment in India is Approximately Rs. 5,00,000.

  • Cancer Therapy costs in India can go as high as Rs. 27,50,000.

Find out more about covering your financial expenses for cancer treatment, 

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Some significant effects of financial toxicity or financial distress on patients who have cancer are as follows:

1.      A person may try to save money by consuming less medicine or skipping medication for days which indirectly extends prescription use for many days.

2.      An individual with financial distress may suffer from poor mental or physical health, depression related to cancer may reoccur, and a lack of societal relationships with others.

3.      Financial toxicity may result in high debt or bankruptcy due to high treatment costs.

4.      Financial distress may also result in a delay in treatment, and can be fatal.

How can we help cancer patients in India? 

Why Choose ImpactGuru’s GEM Subscription to Support Cancer Patients?


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Cancer doesn’t rest. Neither do we.

For those who have a life-threatening illness such as cancer, the need for assistance is ongoing. There are no pauses and no breaks.  Monthly donations helps ImpactGuru to have regular, reliable assistance for cancer patients.

GEM Subscription on ImpactGuru:

  • Have complete visibility on where your funds are going

  • Cancel your subscription anytime

  • Receive 80G tax benefits for sustainable and mindful giving

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