How Crowdfunding Can Solve Financial Crisis During Cancer

By: Astha, Chiara

Published On: May 31, 2021

For thousands of cancer patients, online crowdfunding has proven to be the most effective way to raise funds for cancer treatment. Cancer is an illness associated with health, financial, psychological, and social consequences. It affects the individual and even people around the patient.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 Lakh new cases are reported in India every year. Which is expected to increase by 5 folds by 2025. What is more saddening, is that 5 lakh people die because of cancer every year. Most of them either can't afford proper treatment or don't have easy access to the means.

Financial Crisis During Cancer

Consider fundraising as a viable solution to bear the costs of cancer treatments. The average cost for cancer treatment is approximately 5 lakhs. This is exclusive of other expenses that have to be handled by the patient. Other than the basic house expenses, the treatment bills, medication, and doctor’s visits, are the additional bills that become difficult for a person to bear.  The challenge of being a cancer patient doesn’t end with the treatment. Because of the weakness, their body goes through it becomes difficult for many patients to continue in high functioning work cultures. The financial strain then becomes harder to bear.

Anyone diagnosed with cancer is affected financially in some or another way. Moreover, Covid-19 aggravates the struggle. But online fundraising can be the saving grace in such times. 



How Can Crowdfunding For Cancer Help?

Cancer crowdfunding is a way for individuals and organizations to raise funds for medical treatments that are prescribed for the illness. Fundraise for cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery on one of the successful crowdfunding websites in India, ImpactGuru. 

When you create a fundraising campaign where you share the story of your cause, you share with people the difficulties you are facing when suffering your unique type of cancer. Through your fundraising story you can share the struggles with the medical illness and the amount of funds you need to finance the treatment. This in turn leads to sharing the burden. So the amount which is heavy on a shoulder is shared by thousands of people voluntarily by donating to your fundraiser.

Crowdfunding for cancer can ease the burden for the patient as well as the family going through this difficult time together. Here is where you can start your fundraiser.  


The Battles Won Against Cancer 

ImpactGuru has helped individuals to raise funds on their crowdfunding platform. Here are a few success stories to help to let you know the power of crowdfunding.

Thousands of donors helped save a little boy from Gurugram, suffering from  


In June 2020, Krish was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia with persistent fever and a body full of rashes. As his condition worsened day by day, the doctors informed his father that Keish needed a bone marrow transplant worth Rs 26 lakh to survive. A ray of hope appeared when they started a fundraising campaign to save their little boy and received overwhelming support from thousands of donors. 2000 kind people shared Krish’s story and helped him finally undergo a transplant. 


Fundraising gave 9-year-old girl from Mumbai a new lease for life against cancer 



Grappling with lymphoblastoc leukemia - a deadly cancer since 2017, Devyani and her parents had never imagined that it would relapse in 2020 even after heavy doses of chemotherapy. The little girl critically required Rs 40 lakh for a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy to beat cancer. Among hundreds of donors, 592 kind souls shared Devyani’s campaign and helped her get the transplant to defeat cancer once and for all! 


These are just a few of the many successful cancer crowdfunding examples that have received help through ImpactGuru crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding can be a new idea for many of you out there, ImpactGuru has made it easy by sharing frequently used tips that have helped thousands of campaigners raise the funds they need successfully.