How Crowdfunding Can Solve Financial Crisis During Cancer

By: Taqdees, Chiara

Published On: December 04, 2020

Cancer is an illness associated with not only health but also financial, psychological, and social consequences. It affects the individual and even people around the patient.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 10 Lakh new cases are reported in India every year. Which is expected to increase by 5 folds by 2025. What is more saddening, is that 5 lakh people die because of cancer every year. Most of them either can't afford proper treatment or don't have the means.

Financial Crisis During Cancer

The average cost for cancer treatment is approximately 5 lakhs. This is exclusive of other expenses that have to be handled by the patient. Other than the basic house expenses, the treatment bills, medication, and doctor’s visits don’t come cheap. The challenge of being a cancer patient doesn’t end with the treatment. Aftermaths have more challenges in terms of financial instability. Not just that, the cost of the treatment is increasing.

 “The costs have gone up due to more expensive infrastructure, new technology-based investigation costs, and newer drugs," says Naresh Parmar, CEO, Karnataka region, Apollo Hospital.

Anyone diagnosed with cancer is affected financially in some or another way. Moreover, Covid-19 has exaggerated the struggle.


How Can Cancer Crowdfunding Help?

Cancer crowdfunding is a way for individuals and organizations to raise funds for expensive medical treatments that are prescribed for the illness. ImpactGuru is India’s one of the biggest medical crowdfunding platforms.

When you create a fundraiser where you share the story of your cause, you share with people the difficulties you are facing when suffering your unique type of cancer. The emotions you express have the ability to connect with people. Which in turn leads to sharing the burden. So the amount which is heavy on a shoulder is shared by thousands of people voluntarily by donating to your fundraiser.

Crowdfunding for cancer can ease the burden for the patient as well as the family going through this difficult time together. Here is where you can start your fundraiser.  


Success stories!

ImpactGuru has helped individuals to raise funds on their platform. Here are a few success stories to help to let you know the power of crowdfunding.

Anupam was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome (blood cancer). Having spent over Rs 16 lakh on the treatment, she thought she had won her battles. A follow-up with the doctors revealed a relapse,  Anupam was fighting hard to beat Acute myeloid leukemia. Anupam’s sister, Pooja, was doing all she could to arrange funds to save her beloved sister’s life. But her efforts were in vain. Cancer Crowdfunding remained their only option. She turned to ImpactGuru for help. With donations pouring in from all around the world, this 29-year-old woman got the treatment she waited for so patiently. Cancer Crowdfunding saved yet another human’s life.

ImpactGuru gave Anusha the strength to Combat Cancer. A farmer’s daughter whose only way out of cancer was immunotherapy and chemotherapy. she starts a fundraiser and with the generosity and support of ImpactGuru’s donors, she continues to live her life.

Sambhav Leaves Cancer Behind with the Help of ImpactGuru. The fundraiser helped the child to continue his chemotherapy and go back to school. Crowdfunding gave him the strength to smile through every hair strand he lost.

These are just a few of the many successful cancer crowdfunding campaigns by ImpactGuru.

Crowdfunding can be a new idea for many of you out there, ImpactGuru has made it easy by answering frequently asked questions about crowdfunding. 

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