5 Changemakers To Applaud In May #ImpactGurus

By: Tanushree Prasad

Published On: May 28, 2018

#ImpactGurus is a series that sheds light on change makers across the globe and highlights the phenomenal work done by individuals to aid social causes, drive innovations in social projects and make a difference in the world. Big or small, we believe their actions and intentions deserve our acknowledgement.

The tropical heat of our country brings out our lazy self, unwilling to do anything and ranting about the unbearable heat. However, this heat does not stop some people from still making an impact in the society. While you are busy having an ice cream, these people beat the heat by making a difference. 

Here’s bringing to you a list of 5 people who made a difference in the month of May:

Lini Putthuserry:

In my opinion, anyone who saves someone’s life while battling with their own is no less than a martyr. Lini Putthuserry, a 31 year old nurse, died at such an early age as she fell victim to the widespread Nipah virus while treating the first patient infected by it. Mother of two kids, this brave nurse did not get an opportunity to meet her family one last time. She was cremated immediately after her death in order to ensure that the infection did not spread. 

Sachin Pol:Want to meet a real superhero? Sachin Pol, a Maharashtra Security Force Jawaan, did not think  for even a minute before he jumped to save a toddler from falling into the gap between the running train and platform. Even though he knew the underlying risk of him getting pulled under the train while saving the toddler, Sachin’s priority was only to save her. His act of bravery went viral on the internet. A K Singh, the Principal Chief Security Commissioner of Western Railway was pretty impressed and said that he will be rewarded suitably. 

Adarsha K, Tapas Pandey and Dr. Nambiraj Konar:When two engineers and a doctor’s mind come together, what happens? A revolutionary invention is born. Meet the team of  Adarsha K, Tapas Pandey and Dr. Nambiraj Konar who came out with a low-cost digital stethoscope. This device was first seen at the Medical Device Innovation Conclave organized by IIT Bombay. Stethoscope is a widely used medical device. However, it’s inability to pick up clear sounds is what makes it an ineffective device at times. This digital stethoscope can not only pick up clear sounds but can also record and make an audio file of the same to be shared across various platforms. The trio, after various trials under Biomedical Technology and Education Centre (Incubation), is finally partnering with Ayu Devices for its commercialization. Not only this, the digital part of the stethoscope is now being sold separately to make any stethoscope a digital stethoscope.

Omkar Nath Katharia:

While you wait in your AC car and crib about the traffic during summers, Omkar Nath Katharia has been stepping out of his auto and distributing snacks and water to the street vendors selling items on the signals of Delhi. While musing over his own situation during the summers of 2012, Omkar Nath realized that life in summers is even more tough for the street vendors. It was then that Omkar decided to help the vendors in his capacity. Not only this, Omkar Nath also gives free rides to and from the hospital and has notes with his contact number written on it. He can be approached for help at any time. 

Shanno Begum:Popular as first woman Uber driver, Shanno Begum absolutely justifies the quote ‘winners never quit’. Being domestically abused by her husband, Shanno left her husband after being hit by a rock. A mother of three, she never wanted her children to end up in a situation like hers. Signing up with the Azad Foundation started her journey towards independence. She started her career as an Uber driver. However, a driver’s license required Class X certificate. Adamant on getting one, Shanno, after struggling for two years, managed to complete her Class X examination. Oh and not to forget, this applaudable achievement is at the age of 40 years!