For you and yours our dearest sambodh

By Friends from Simpa and Irma

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"We have received multiple requests from the IRMA community at large to increase the funding amount significantly to accommodate the desire and ability to do as much as the community can for the family.

We would, therefore, be increasing the target amount to the tune of 20 lakhs in line with the suggestions coming in. This would help in greatly deepening the meaningful impact that the community can bring to this family.

The community is of the opinion that if one is to fall short of any target, it better be a sizeable one indeed.

What a privilege it is to witness the spirit with which more and more people are coming together to serve this family."


This is when all of us came together for our dearest friend Sambodh. Sambodh was taken from us too suddenly. We grieve his loss every day and while nothing can ease the pain of his loss, his memory lives well and truly within us. In brief pauses in the business of our lives, he catches us smiling thinking of him.

The pain and the memories are shared and felt greatly by the closest ones, his family that he has left behind.

Sambodh is survived by his wife and 2 very young beautiful children. A girl and a boy. Both of them are below 3 years of age.

It is only a few times in our life that someone as close, someone who was joy meets with an untimely demise.

It is time for us to come together as a tribe.

While no measure of money could amount to what sambodh as a person means for us, in so acting, may his children and his wife feel the love and joy he gave to us all. If we could in the smallest way ease the burden, we would have done more than most.

Whatever we choose to give, small or big, let us bless it with the depth of attention, joy and prayers. May every drop of contribution bear fruit for this family. If we could bend this universe with our thoughts for him, his children and his wife, let us.. and let our action follow that.

Thank you all for being part of this family.

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Family of Sambodh

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