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Kidney Crowdfunding Can Help You Raise Funds For Your Kidney Failure Treatment Cost

The number of people who suffer from kidney related diseases in India is a whooping 230,000! Dialysis and kidney transplant are expensive procedures. For the large number of patients who undergo this treatment, clinic visits and medicine expenses are hard to juggle. Many patients cannot afford the expensive procedures and often end up withdrawing from their ongoing treatment to prevent their family’s savings from being completely wiped off.
To prevent this unfortunate situation, we actively engage in kidney transplant crowdfunding or crowdfunding for kidney failure or any other kidney related treatment. We also engage with NGOs and individuals who want to raise money for dialysis, kidney transplant, kidney failure treatment etc.
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It’s easy, quick and

You can start a fundraiser in just 5 minutes for free and raise funds online (with a just few clicks!).

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Get help from those who care

Thanks to social media, help is now just a share away. Ask your friends, colleagues’ relatives etc. to donate and share your cause with their contacts.

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Reduce your financial burden

Crowdfunding helps decrease your burden by funding completely or in part, the treatment, without you having to worry about paying back the money.

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How it Works?

How Kidney Crowdfunding Works

To know more about how crowdfunding works, click here.

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