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FAQs for About Impact Guru

  • What is Impact Guru?

    Impact Guru is India’s leading online crowdfunding platform that enables NGOs to fund their programs as well as individuals to fund their medical expenses, creative projects and personal projects .

    Alternatively, it allows you to donate to a cause you support or , choose from a host of vetted causes here on Impact Guru.

  • What is crowdfunding and how does it work?

    Crowdfunding is the practice of raising money for a social cause or project or venture by collecting small contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

    Crowdfunding helps anyone create an online fundraiser for his/her needs and seek help from people across the globe.

    Click here to learn how it works.

  • What are the basic terminologies on Impact Guru?

    Fundraiser: Fundraiser is your personalized page where you can connect to donors by telling your story (why you need the funds), upload pictures/videos and collect donations from people. This page is always launched with a specific fundraising goal/target in mind. A good fundraiser page is key to getting the most donations. Here’s what a fundraiser on Impact Guru looks like.

    You can launch your fundraiser by hitting the ‘Start A Fundraiser’ button on Impact Guru to raise funds.

    Beneficiary: An individual or an organisation for whom the funds are being raised. The funds will be dispatched to the beneficiary at the end of the fundraiser.

    Fundraiser Goal: This is the target amount a beneficiary has set out to collect through their fundraiser on Impact Guru.

    Campaigner: On Impact Guru, a campaigner is the person who creates the fundraiser and promotes it online and offline to ensure maximum funds. A campaigner’s duties include, fundraiser creation, setting a fundraising goal, reaching out to potential donors through social media and word of mouth, sharing regular updates, giving them the promised rewards, etc.

    Due Diligence: Impact Guru does a Know Your Customer check - which verifies the legitimacy of the cause, the authenticity of the campaigner etc - on all fundraisers to ensure transparency and credibility of potential beneficiaries in order to provide a safe giving environment for donors. Once a fundraiser clears the due diligence process, it becomes IG approved (i.e. Impact Guru approved).

    Outreach: The process of making your Impact Guru fundraiser reach your friends, family and people at large by using the power of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), emails, WhatsApp (for mobile users) and word of mouth to help you get maximum funds.

    80G: It is a tax exemption receipt given to all donors of a registered Indian NGO. Impact Guru provides an instant 80G (on behalf of these NGOs) to their donors on our platform.

  • Why should I join Impact Guru?

    Impact Guru is an easy-to-use online platform to raise funds for a variety of social causes. Setting up a fundraiser is free. We also provide dedicated and tailor-made customer support to guide you through your fundraising journey on Impact Guru. We provide 80G, a tax exemption receipt to Indian donors for their contributions to Indian NGOs without charging a premium for it. Additionally, Impact Guru is the only platform in India that provides international tax benefits to donors in USA and UK for their contributions to Indian NGOs.

  • How can I become a part of the Impact Guru Community?

    You can follow Impact Guru on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date with our ongoing fundraisers and the causes we support. You can explore these fundraisers on our website and determine which causes you’re passionate about. To help the causes you’re passionate about, you can donate to these fundraisers and share them with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and WhatsApp.

    You can also start a fundraiser or a support fundraiser, to help fund a cause you are committed to.

  • What does Impact Guru do to protect its community?

    Impact Guru is committed to ensuring a safe and reliable experience for our donors. Every fundraiser is thoroughly vetted before it is approved in order to create a transparent giving ecosystem on Impact Guru.

  • How can a corporate or a foundation, interested in partnering with Impact Guru, get in touch?

    If you are a corporate that would like to carry out a CSR project or a foundation/individual that would like to run social projects, we’re happy to explore an opportunity to partner with you. Please write to us at [email protected].com

  • Can I raise funds for anything at all?

    You can raise funds for any cause that is tangible, not in contradiction to the Indian or international law.

  • If I have more questions, how can I contact Impact Guru?

    You can send us an e-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 18001020380.

  • How can I report something to Impact Guru?

    Please e-mail us at [email protected]

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