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  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a quick and easy way to raise money using the internet and social media. Using an online fundraiser page, you can raise large amounts through donations from across the world to help any social, medical, personal, or creative need.
    Campaigners have used crowdfunding to pay for critical medical treatments such as cancer care or transplant, support disaster relief work, help a non-profit or a social cause and even fund personal needs such as education or businesses.
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  • Is crowdfunding better than loans or insurance?

    More and more Indians are opting for crowdfunding over traditional financial options such as loans or insurance. Over 70% of Indians are either not medically insured or are grossly under-insured. This means their insurance is rarely able to cover the steep medical costs of critical treatments like cancer or prenatal care.

    • Unlike medical loans and insurance (which can take up to weeks to process), a fundraiser on ImpactGuru is approved within 24 hours. This ensures you can start raising money almost immediately. Campaigners have raised lakhs of rupees on ImpactGuru in less than 24 hours.
    • Additionally, you are not liable to pay your donors back and there are no high-interest rates involved as is with loans.This further reduces your financial burden and lets you focus on your cause.
    • There is no limit on what you can raise. Campaigners on ImpactGuru have raised as much as Rs. 14 crores for ongoing medical treatments.
    • Quick fund transfers are facilitated to help you deal with emergencies quickly rather than waiting for funds.

  • What are the benefits of crowdfunding on ImpactGuru?

    ImpactGuru is India’s #1 crowdfunding platform, and we are committed to offering our campaigners tools and services that can make fundraising easy and quick.. Here are some ways we help you in your time of need:

    • 5-minute fundraiser creation and fast approval
    • Hands-on fundraising assistance
    • Donations from across the world in multiple currencies
    • India’s only fundraising mobile app for Android and iOS
    • Blazing-fast withdrawals

  • How can I report something to ImpactGuru?

    If you see anything abusive, fraudulent or false on our platform or would like to report an error or bug, please email [email protected] with your report. We may contact you for more details.

  • How does crowdfunding work on ImpactGuru?

    Crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has three simple steps:

    • Start your fundraiser in 5 minutes
    • Share your fundraiser with well-wishers through social media and messaging apps,
    • Withdraw the funds you receive in no time

    Read more about how crowdfunding works

  • Which are some of the other NGOs that have raised money on Impact Guru in the past?

    ImpactGuru has successfully partnered with several non-profit organizations to support various social causes like animal welfare, education, support for the elderly and developmentally disabled persons, etc. Here are some of the notable fundraisers:

    • 17,000 ft Foundation raised Rs 12,00,000+ to help people in high-altitude areas of Ladakh post-lockdown by mobilizing education and relief supplies.
    • Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW) raised Rs 9.9 lakh to shelter stray animals and nurse them. This campaign is their second successful crowdfunding effort on ImpactGuru.
    • Yash Charitable Trust successfully fundraised Rs 28,00,000+ to support their cafe run by persons with disabilities (PWDs).

  • Is ImpactGuru an NGO?

    No, ImpactGuru is not a non-profit entity. We are a social enterprise that provides a platform and services to NGOs and individuals to raise funds for social or personal needs.
    You can read more about us here.

  • Do we need to return the funds raised?

    Money contributed towards your fundraiser on ImpactGuru is considered a donation or a gift and you are not liable to return the money back at any point.

  • Why should I not ask people to transfer money directly to my account instead?

    Using a platform like ImpactGuru can ensure you can seamlessly accept contributions from anywhere in the world through a quick click. Sharing your own account details for fund transfer directly can be risky and may expose you to fraud or theft. ImpactGuru offers a safe, secure and protected platform for all transactions through multiple payment methods that facilitate ease of giving.
    Moreover, only those you may know personally might trust you enough to transfer contributions directly. Fundraisers on ImpactGuru receive thousands of donations from strangers who want to help and who are motivated to give because they trust the platform and our due diligence process for each fundraiser.

  • How does ImpactGuru protect my information?

    ImpactGuru is committed to providing our users an open and trusted platform. We constantly work towards evolving our resources to be more secure, transparent and communicative with impeccable customer support.
    Learn more about ImpactGuru’s trust and safety commitment and privacy policy .

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