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Get to know about fundraising on Impact Guru, India's leading crowdfunding platform. Over Rs 1500 Cr* raised across 15 countries.

* Amount is inclusive of funds raised by our global crowdfunding partners

About Impact Guru

  • What is crowdfunding?

    Crowdfunding is a quick and easy way to raise money using the internet and social media. Using an online fundraiser page, you can raise large amounts through donations from across the world to help any social, medical, personal, or creative need.
    Campaigners have used crowdfunding to pay for critical medical treatments such as cancer care or transplant, support disaster relief work, help a non-profit or a social cause and even fund personal needs such as education or businesses.
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  • Is crowdfunding better than loans or insurance?

    More and more Indians are opting for crowdfunding over traditional financial options such as loans or insurance. Over 70% of Indians are either not medically insured or are grossly under-insured. This means their insurance is rarely able to cover the steep medical costs of critical treatments like cancer or prenatal care.

    • Unlike medical loans and insurance (which can take up to weeks to process), a fundraiser on ImpactGuru is approved within 24 hours. This ensures you can start raising money almost immediately. Campaigners have raised lakhs of rupees on ImpactGuru in less than 24 hours.
    • Additionally, you are not liable to pay your donors back and there are no high-interest rates involved as is with loans.This further reduces your financial burden and lets you focus on your cause.
    • There is no limit on what you can raise. Campaigners on ImpactGuru have raised as much as Rs. 14 crores for ongoing medical treatments.
    • Quick fund transfers are facilitated to help you deal with emergencies quickly rather than waiting for funds.

  • What are the benefits of crowdfunding on ImpactGuru?

    ImpactGuru is India’s #1 crowdfunding platform, and we are committed to offering our campaigners tools and services that can make fundraising easy and quick.. Here are some ways we help you in your time of need:

    • 5-minute fundraiser creation and fast approval
    • Hands-on fundraising assistance
    • Donations from across the world in multiple currencies
    • India’s only fundraising mobile app for Android and iOS
    • Blazing-fast withdrawals

  • How can I report something to ImpactGuru?

    If you see anything abusive, fraudulent or false on our platform or would like to report an error or bug, please email [email protected] with your report. We may contact you for more details.

  • How does crowdfunding work on ImpactGuru?

    Crowdfunding on ImpactGuru has three simple steps:

    • Start your fundraiser in 5 minutes
    • Share your fundraiser with well-wishers through social media and messaging apps,
    • Withdraw the funds you receive in no time

    Read more about how crowdfunding works

  • Which are some of the other NGOs that have raised money on Impact Guru in the past?

    ImpactGuru has successfully partnered with several non-profit organizations to support various social causes like animal welfare, education, support for the elderly and developmentally disabled persons, etc. Here are some of the notable fundraisers:

    • 17,000 ft Foundation raised Rs 12,00,000+ to help people in high-altitude areas of Ladakh post-lockdown by mobilizing education and relief supplies.
    • Kannan Animal Welfare (KAW) raised Rs 9.9 lakh to shelter stray animals and nurse them. This campaign is their second successful crowdfunding effort on ImpactGuru.
    • Yash Charitable Trust successfully fundraised Rs 28,00,000+ to support their cafe run by persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Running a Fundraiser

  • My fundraiser is live. How do I start raising funds?

    Congratulations! The first 24-48 hours are the most critical for your fundraiser. Most of our campaigners have not only raised large amounts in the first 24 hours but some have even met their goal!
    Your first step would be to ask a close friend or family member to make a donation, even if its a small amount. This is to ensure that donors do not see a 0 on your fundraiser. Donors are more likely to donate if they see others have too.
    Also, immediately start sharing your fundraiser on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms. Activate your close friends and family and ask them to share as well. Share it frequently and at different times so that the appeal reaches people who may have missed it earlier. As the word spreads, the visibility of your fundraiser will also multiply.
    Lastly, keep your donors updated on the patient’s health or your cause.
    Want extra help? Contact us at [email protected] or 18001020380 to explore how ImpactGuru can assist to help you fundraise

  • How do I know if someone contributes to my fundraiser?

    You will receive an update on your registered email address every time someone donates to your fundraiser. We also recommend installing the ImpactGuru campaigner app on Android & iOS to receive live notifications of your donations.

  • I need to raise funds faster. What do I do?

    The speed of your fundraising depends on how widely it has been shared. If you are running out of time or are in an emergency, tell your network on social media as well as your colleagues, schoolmates, friends to help you by sharing your fundraiser far and wide, and share it multiple times.
    You could also approach a celebrity on social media or a media house to help publicize your cause. Also, consider posting it on Facebook groups, whatsapp groups etc.
    Here are more fundraising tips for you.
    If you are looking to add value to your fundraiser and raise money faster, please connect with us at [email protected] or 18001020380.

  • When should I share an update on my fundraiser?

    You can share an update on your fundraiser any time after it collects an amount of Rs 1000. After that point, it is a good practice to share your fundraiser at regular intervals.

  • What are matching donations?

    Matching donations are enabled on select fundraisers for a limited period of time on the discretion of ImpactGuru to boost the fundraising. For every donation made by a donor, ImpactGuru matches it by adding a certain amount from its end. For example: While matching donations are on, every time someone donates Rs. 1000, ImpactGuru adds Rs. 100 and thus the final donation you receive is Rs. 1100. Matching donations enhance your fundraising by motivating more and more donors to contribute. Matching donations are made possible through large contributions from well-wishers of ImpactGuru.

  • What if I don’t want to share my fundraiser on social media?

    Sharing your fundraiser on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and messaging apps like WhatsApp are critical to your fundraiser’s success. It helps reach kind people who want to support others like you. It is no different than sharing selfies or pictures or information about you on these platforms. Impact Guru ensures complete safety of your data so you can share without any worry.

Ending a Fundraiser.

  • How can I stop/end my fundraiser?

    If you request your fundraiser be stopped or be brought to an end, our team will disable the option to donate on your fundraiser. Your fundraiser page will still be available to view, however no contributions will come in.
    Our team usually ends the fundraiser once the goal and the need of the fundraising is met, or the funds are no longer required due to various reasons or even at the request of the campaigner itself.
    To stop your fundraiser, please reach out to your relationship manager or email us at [email protected].
    Please note: Fundraisers that have been ended or stopped cannot start accepting funds again

  • Why has my fundraiser been stopped?

    Sometimes, our team can end or stop a fundraiser due to some of the reasons below:

    • Your allotted time of 90 days has ended and you haven’t extended the time on your fundraiser. Each fundraiser only runs for 90 days beyond which if you don’t request an extension, it could be stopped.
    • KYC documents have not been submitted to our team
    • We suspect or have proof of your fundraiser being misleading or fraudulent
    • Our team is unable to contact you for any further steps. They try to contact you at least 3 times before a decision is taken to end your fundraiser.

    Our team follows a diligent follow up process with our campaigners via call, email and WhatsApp. To ensure that all legal and process driven formalities are met, our relationship managers follow up with our campaigners. However your acknowledgement is necessary at every step without which our systems automatically disable the fundraiser.
    If you would like to start fundraising again, please write to us at [email protected] or call us at 18001020380

  • What happens to a fundraiser after it has ended?

    After your fundraiser has ended, donations to your cause will be disabled by our system. However, if you do need to start a fundraiser again, you can either get in touch with your Relationship Manager or click here.

  • Can I end my fundraiser even if I haven’t met my goal amount?

    If you need your fundraiser stopped even before you have met your goal amount, you can connect with our relationship manager. If you request your fundraiser be stopped or be brought to an end, our team will disable the option to donate on your fundraiser. Your fundraiser page will still be available to view, however no contributions will come in.

Starting a Fundraiser

  • I’m new to this. How do I start a fundraiser?

    You can create a fundraiser in less than 5 mins. Click on Start A Fundraiser, add your details and the cause you’d like to raise funds for. Next, add images and a story describing your cause. Submit your documents and done! Your fundraiser will be swiftly approved by our team and will go live.
    Watch this tutorial to create a fundraiser.

  • What are the documents I need to start my fundraiser?

    Below are the documents you need based on the cause you are fundraising for:
    Medical Cause:

    • Campaigner’s Identity proof - Aadhar Card & PAN Card
    • Patient’s medical reports or invoices,
    • Hospital/clinic’s name and contact details
    • Beneficiary’s Aadhar Card & PAN Card.

    Personal Causes:
    • Identity proof - Aadhar Card & PAN Card
    • Bank account details
    • Any estimates/documents that will support your cause

    • 12A
    • 80G certificate
    • FCRA certificate (if you want to raise foreign funds)

  • Will my donors get tax benefits?

    Individuals (medical and other causes): Tax benefits can be made available to your donors if you opt for it. This could incentivize donors to contribute to your cause. To enable tax benefits for your Indian donors, reach out to us.
    NGOs: Your Indian donors will receive tax benefits if you have a valid 80G certificate.

  • Can I still use ImpactGuru if I have a fundraiser running on another platform?

    Yes, you can begin crowdfunding with ImpactGuru even if you have a fundraiser running on another platform.

  • I can't find a category that fits my fundraiser - what do I do?

    The crowdfunding categories currently on our platform are: medical, non profit, personal cause, creative ideas.
    If your fundraiser doesn’t fit any of these categories, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 18001020380.

  • Why was my fundraiser rejected?

    ImpactGuru ensures that each fundraiser undergoes a due diligence process. This helps us verify the authenticity of the cause. Your fundraiser could have been rejected for various reasons. Some of them could be:

    • You have provided incorrect documents (identity details, reports, invoices, etc.)
    • The medical and KYC documents provided have been tampered with
    • Inadequate information about fund utilisation
    • Your fundraiser story provides inaccurate or incomplete information
    • The fundraiser promotes hate speech or violence
    • The multimedia used includes excessive nudity, gore or other graphic content
    • The fundraiser is political in nature

    If your fundraiser doesn’t violate any terms and has still been rejected, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 18001020380 to request for a review.


  • How can I withdraw funds from my fundraiser?

    You can withdraw funds from your fundraiser by visiting your dashboard or through your mobile app. You must add your bank account details as well as verifying documents for your request to get approved.

  • To whose account will the funds be transferred to?

    In case of medical fundraisers, the funds are transferred to the hospital.
    In case of personal fundraisers, the funds are transferred into the account of the beneficiary.
    In case of NGO fundraisers, the funds are transferred into the account of the NGO.

  • How long does it take for the funds to be transferred?

    Fund transfers take 1-3 working days after your request has been approved or 5-7 working days in the case of foreign donations.

  • Can I withdraw my funds before I have achieved my goal?

    Yes, you can withdraw funds at any point in your fundraising journey. Please get in touch with your relationship manager to initiate such a withdrawal or go to your dashboard and request your withdrawal yourself.

  • Why didn’t I receive the amount shown on my fundraiser?

    Based on the fundraising plan you choose, ImpactGuru will deduct certain fees and taxes from the amount raised. This is a minimal amount that helps us keep the platform running to support many others like you. In case you have opted for 0% platform fees, other costs like payment gateway fees that we are liable to pay to other vendors may still apply. Please check with your relationship manager on what are the charges that apply to your fundraiser.

  • How do I get details of donors who contributed to me?

    You can view the donor details on your account dashboard. However, if a donor has chosen to donate anonymously, you will not be able to see their details.

Making a donation

  • How will my donation reach the person in need?

    We understand your concerns about the utilisation of funds. To ensure that any amount you donate is not misutilised we follow an airtight process of fund transfers. Donations are collected in a virtual account and when the campaigner requests for a fund transfer, we transfer it to the hospital’s account in case of medical causes and in verified organisational accounts in case of NGO causes.
    Campaigners are encouraged to add updates to their fundraiser and our team also follows up with most of them for regular and timely updates. Updates can be found on their fundraiser page and will also be communicated to you to your registered email.

  • How do I know a cause or fundraiser is authentic?

    ImpactGuru conducts rigorous due diligence on every campaign on its platform before it is assigned an ‘ImpactGuru Verified’ tag. This includes cross-checking the campaigner’s identity via legal identity proofs and KYC verification alongside hospital estimates, medical documents and patient verification.
    Fundraisers that have not undergone this process will display a pop-up to notify you of the same. Please use your discretion while donating to those.

  • Where can I download my 80G tax exemption certificate from?

    Indian citizens are eligible to receive an 80G tax exemption certificate for all donations made to campaigns tagged with ‘Tax Benefits’. ImpactGuru Foundation can help provide you with the 80G tax exemption certificate if you have provided your PAN card details.
    The 80G claim link will be mailed to your registered email address after a successful donation.
    Please note, not all fundraisers offer tax benefits. If you are donating for tax-saving purposes, please verify before you donate.
    The same is applicable for US citizens applying for 501c3.

  • What is the minimum donation amount required to donate to a cause?

    The minimum donation amount is Rs 250 if you donate via net banking or credit/debit cards as this is the standard transaction amount. If you would like to donate below Rs 250, you can change the donation amount as per your preference and make the donation via PayTM or UPI.

  • How does ImpactGuru secure my payment details?

    All transactions made via ImpactGuru are secure by the highest standards of SSL encryption available. Check out our Trust and Safety Center for more details.

  • Why is ImpactGuru asking me to add a tip to my donation?

    TFor fundraisers that run on 0% platform fee i.e we do not charge any platform fee from the campaigner, ImpactGuru may request you to add a small amount as a tip to help us sustain, improve and run this platform to help millions of struggling individuals and causes. To provide the best experience to our customers, we have to incur various costs relating to technology infrastructure, dedicated staff, fundraiser outreach, due diligence and vetting, disbursing funds, and updating donors on fund utilization.
    Only when we sustain, will we be able to achieve our mission of saving lives. Just like a hospital charges a fee to treat patients or an academic institution to educate students, we too need funds to continue our good work.
    Though it’s not mandatory, we encourage you to support us to keep this platform running.

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