Here Are Top 5 Social Impact Blogs You Should Follow Right Away

By: Diamond Diwan

Published On: July 23, 2018

So you’ve already spent this Sunday lounging around, sipping on some hot elaichi chai. The new week has begun and you’ve promised yourself that you’ll finally read that book your edgy friend recommended and be more updated with all the social issues in your country. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be that colleague who has no idea what their workmates are talking about during lunchtime. It is also safe to assume that you have been making these promises since time immemorial but ended up snuggling to some quality Network show. Typical.

So aside from an existential crisis, what else am I here to offer you?

Good question.

How about a list of Top 5 Social Impact Blogs that quickly fine tune your understanding about the ongoing social issues of our country. Don’t ‘bleh’ me yet. 

These blogs each specialize in a certain genre and are thoughtful art pieces put into words.

Here’s a quick list of why you need to follow them:

  1. You haven’t read your morning newspaper since weeks.

  2. You get to show off some really cool thoughts on well researched topics.

  3. Existential crisis, remember?

And so the list begins…

Brandy, Whisky & All That

The blog has taken up issues like the after effects of demonetization and the challenges of religion within dismal every day experiences and created an honest picture of the world we live in today. 

Brendan Dabhi’s most striking quality is the simplicity with which he writes. There’s no pretentious blabber. It is what it is. Prepare to be absolutely enchanted by shower-time thoughts that are so proficiently written they make you think Oh!-I-could’ve-written-that! But guess what? Coulda woulda shoulda.

Two of my favourite blog posts are Killing our Kitli Culture and If Minions were real, Humans would kill them all

Choose this one if you prefer an easy read!

Mrs Funnybones

Twinkle Khanna’s writing is the kind that deceives you with its initial candour and eventually hits you on the head with its depth. If her well crafted, blatantly stated, sardonic commentary on the Indian state of affairs won’t get you going, then I don’t know what will. From talking about the deeply rooted racism, “scary” encounters with politicians to relating how she felt being arrested for an “obscene act” that included her husband, there’s something here for everyone.

Her ‘This Diwali, let outdated traditions go up in smoke’ managed to fire up quite a response in the comment section and gives you a glimpse of India’s affinity for its traditions and its response toward those who do not adhere to its customs. 

Why some of us choose to face the cave wall is a brilliant piece by her which quickly dissect some of the jarring concepts that still exist in today’s society. From Bombay being renamed to Mumbai to Section 377, she discusses it all! She is also big on Freedom of Speech and it shows in her work. Your search for original content ends here.

The Cybernag

Zephyr is an author and has written various books and stories for children. Being a mother, her blog specializes on some of the issues undergone by today’s children such as the one included in her post called ‘Are coaching classes choking our children?’

She uses a straight up, to the point approach to express her opinions and experiences and often comments on old  school India and why that may not be such a bad thing!

Her ‘When utensils were a source of health’ struck a chord with me and drove through the point that maybe, just maybe, our elders were onto something.

Tanvi Sinha’s blog

The writer has won awards for Best Upcoming Blog and Social Impact reach in the years 2016 and 2017 respectively. Her blogs cover a diverse range of topics and there is a specific section for current Issues in India that talk about societal stigma, women and their challenges as well as gender equality. 

She is a passionate feminist and her words carry the ability to make you think. Some of her thought provoking blog posts are:

The Curious Case of the Feminist Indian Man and Pretty! Princess! Is this the only way to compliment young girls?

Indian Homemaker

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker’s intro reads:

“I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Because Freedom of Expression does not mean Freedom to Say What Everybody Else Wants to Hear.”It is an insightful blog that touches upon the personal experiences of its writer and what she learns from it. She raises important questions about the society we live in and here are two of them:

Suicide and how can you help

Who benefits from criminalizing consensual teenage sex?

She writes about social taboos and voices her concerns towards ideas that are so dominantly ingrained within us that we forget to question their relevance.

It’s one of the more popular Social Impact blogs in India and gets you thinking, “But how is Gamora?”

So maybe, maybe this Sunday might end up being a little bit more productive after all! (Eh, who are we kidding, really?)

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