Planning A Fundraiser For Your Cancer Treatment? Follow These Steps To Begin

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: January 21, 2021

Online fundraising can help you or your loved one with financial support in this time of need. Cancer can be exhausting for the patient and the people around him, financially and psychologically. If you are running a cancer fundraiser, here are five things you should do apart from following the basic crowdfunding process.

Find Someone You Trust

Managing a fundraiser can be challenging amidst cancer. To ensure a successful crowdfund you must be active in sharing. Thus, we recommend you find a trusted friend or a family member to can manage your fundraiser in the best way possible so you can avail its benefits.

ImpactGuru also provides you with tailor-made services specific to your need which will also make the process much easier.  Finding professional support from the platform can be the best option.

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Be Transparent With Your Donors

It can be a tough task to ask for help but cancer shows no mercy when it comes to medical bills. Be transparent with your donors on your fundraiser about how much funds you need to raise. It will give donors an understanding of your financial situation.

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Aim For The Heart

Your story is a very important part of your fundraiser. It helps you connect with your donors. Your story has to be compelling to reach the donor’s heart, which will make them feel connected to your cause.

If you are skeptical about writing your story, ImpactGuru will help you throughout with professional assistance.

A fundraiser story should include, the reason why you need the funds, how will these funds be used, and most importantly what the patient is going through.


Asking Is A Sign Of Strength

This definitely might not be an easy time for you but you have to be sure that people around want to help you.

Apart from sharing on social media, email, and WhatsApp personal contacts, asking them to donate and share the fundraiser ahead. Asking for financial support may not be easy but it’s a sign of strength.

If you are short of words, ImpactGuru’s assistance will be present all along.


Keep Everyone Updated

Fundraising is a process. Your donors would want to know what you are going through. Update your donors with recovery or any challenge that the patient is going through. It will help keep the donors connected to your cancer fundraiser and will also attract new donors.


Cancer fundraising can be exhausting considering you would have so much on your plate already. These tips will make the process faster and easier.


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