Sharing your fundraiser on Facebook: How to do it right to raise funds

By: Rukmini Chopra

Published On: May 17, 2018

Here are some tips for you to use on how to raise funds on Facebook. Read on! 

There’s more to Facebook than receiving daily life broadcasts from your friends. (Another one getting married? Tell us about it!) Apart from letting the world know which restaurant you are eating at, what your spouse gifted you for your anniversary or which holiday destination you are off to, Facebook has become a global space for people to promote their work, build their network and seek help.

For all of our fundraisers, medical, NGO or otherwise, we often subscribe Facebook as the most effective medium to promote and bring donations to your fundraiser. We have seen a facebook from a person who would say have 1000 friends (a minimum number for many) convert into at least 5 potential donations. 

If you get your Facebook strategy right, you could reach your goal in days, or even hours!

But, facebook marketing is no longer child’s play. It’s in fact become a widely studied subject under the curriculum of social media marketing. There are specific tools and strategies that one can implement on Facebook, to ensure maximum traction for the posts. 

But why is Facebook the most popular social media platform in India? 

According to mobyaffiliates, 70% of social media users in India are Facebook users, as compared to Twitter users, amounting to 11 million. BusinessLine reports that the reason behind Facebook’s popularity in India is its instant messaging feature. 

The report states that because India has a text-heavy market, Facebook’s instant messaging feature makes it popular among the people, as they get a chance to connect with like-minded people. 

Why you should opt to raise funds on Facebook

Everyone you know is on Facebook. That’s a fact. My 54-year-old uncle has a profile and so does my 14-year-old nephew, it breaks across age, nationality, profession and everything in between, to help you reach the ‘crowd’!

Though there are other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat for you to use, here’s why you should start a fundraiser on Facebook: 

Maximum users

People may not have an Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat account, but it it is a given that most of them will have a Facebook account. Today, there are close to 2.9 billion monthly users of this social-media website! The math is simple-the more number of people on a social media website ensures more traction and probable donors

Great visibility

Facebook users have the option of liking, as well as sharing your post. The more the number of shares and the more popular your post is. Facebook provides a gateway for users to make their post reach maximum number of people with the share option. Remember, 1 share can bring 5 potential donors to your fundraiser!

Expanding your network

Facebook enables its users to interact with various groups, which helps in expanding one’s network. From medical to social to creative, your fundraiser can cater to any cause and Facebook allows you to interact with Facebook groups and pages relating to your fundraiser. 

Interest Groups

Facebook makes it possible for you to connect with varied groups, catering to your interests, be it professional or personal. 

For example, if you are a journalist, or an enthusiastic traveler, you can connect with various FB groups that cater to the profession of journalism or share your passion of travelling and have a conversation with them with regards to your work, hobbies etc. 

How to promote a fundraiser on Facebook?

While knowing about why you should choose Facebook to promote your fundraiser, you should also know how to start fundraising on Facebook. 

Check out these various other ways in which you can use Facebook to gain more donors.

Photo story 

One of the most effective ways to promote your fundraiser is to tell the story behind it. This kind of a format entails uploading one or two appealing pictures related to your fundraiser along with a personal story to go with it. 

For example: You are promoting a medical fundraiser on Facebook  about a girl who is suffering from cancer and needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. 

You might want to post a long story about the patient in question, along with the picture, which is termed as a photo story.

You can start like this: “My baby girl was always a chirpy, joyous kid till she started suffering from high fevers that wouldn’t leave her side.” 

You can then talk about a day in the life of the baby and her parents, as they deal with cancer, to the kind of treatment that is required and end it with an appeal to the donors. Here’s an example below: 

The reason we are providing you with an example of a medical fundraiser FB post is because this format works effectively for such stories. However, you an apply the same format for fundraisers for NGOs or personal causes as well.

Here is an example: 

You can also write the story in a third person format. But stick to starting your story in first person, as it creates a bigger impact and immediately grabs the reader’s attention. 

What are the pros of posting photo stories?

  • From your heart to theirs

  • If you give the readers a detailed account, especially in first person, on why you require funds, it helps them relate to your story. The same can convince them to donate to your cause. 

  • Pictures speak a thousand words

  • An appealing picture with your story can help give readers a rough idea about your situation. People like to believe what they see and an image does the needful. 

  • The dirt is in the details

  • Giving readers details, especially with regards to medical fundraisers, helps in making your story look authentic. Donors will contribute to only those causes that come across as genuine. 

Things to keep in mind when creating a photo story

  • Give only the necessary details

  • Though the details are important, make it a point to not go overboard with them as it may bore your readers. Ideally, talk about why you started the fundraiser, the amount you need and how you will utilize the same. 

  • Choose the appropriate image

  • Don’t choose a generic image. The beauty lies in specifics. For example: If the fundraiser is for an NGO working towards the cause of educating underprivileged children, don’t choose a generic image of children with books. Rather, choose an image of a child from your NGO with your volunteer helping him/her out. 

  • Be regular

  • Post regularly with updates on the patient’s health or your  NGOs on ground activities!

Facebook live video

The one feature that makes Facebook stand out from rest of the social media platforms is the live video option. 

You can stream a live video on Facebook, to raise awareness about creative fundraisers, say a filmmaking project, a musical performance, etc. You can rope in your team members and make a video appeal to your donors. 

Incase you plan a fundraising event to raise awareness, you can live stream the same for your viewers. The same applies to events being conducted by NGOs for their fundraisers.

Why should you opt for Facebook live videos?

A first hand experience

Through a live video, you can make an appeal that is raw in nature and without any edits, modifications, hence making it authentic in its true sense. Also, by live streaming your fundraising event, you can provide donors with a first-hand experience. 

It saves time

A live video is a quick affair that saves you from working on a full fledged video, where you have to take care of the production aspects, the editing, etc.  All in all, you don’t have to take extra efforts with a live video. 


When you stream a live video on Facebook, you can see the likes and responses that you get, then and there. You can answer questions and engage with your donors.

Things to keep in mind before you go live 

Give your audience a time and date

You can’t start a live video randomly, by keeping your donors in the dark. If you do the same, you won’t have an audience to cater to as many people might be busy that time and may miss your video. 

Provide them with a set time and date as to when you would be live streaming your video. 

Keep sending reminders

Keep reminding your viewers about the approaching date, so that they are prepared to see your live video. 

Keep it short

Keep the live video short and to the point. You may lose interest of your viewers if you live stream a video for too long.  

Change your cover picture and profile picture 

To show solidarity towards your fundraiser, you can create an impact by changing the cover image as well as profile image of your personal Facebook account. The same will help in letting the donors know that you believe in the cause that you are raising funds for. You can choose this method of sharing your fundraiser particularly if its an NGO- related cause or a personal, private cause.

The kind of pictures you should upload as your cover or profile image: 

If you are an NGO

If you are an NGO raising funds for a cause related to providing water to remote areas, choose a photo that shows your volunteers working towards the cause. 

If it’s a creative/personal cause: If you are working towards a creative cause say starting a film, either upload a picture of the film’s poster, or put a picture of the director with the team, with the film’s title in the caption,along with a small description. 

If it’s a medical cause: If it’s a medical fundraiser, using an image of you with the patient could help bring people’s attention to the patient.  You can also create a cover image with a hashtag for the patient eg. #SaveNeha. Use Canva to create them! 

Facebook Ads


The most effective way in which you can ensure maximum reach for your fundraiser, is through Facebook ads. The same however costs money. However, if you are willing to shell out some bucks, Facebook ads are the fastest route to success. 

What are Facebook ads? 

Facebook ads are a source through which you can tell your story, in the form of an ad. You have to pay a certain amount for these ads to appear on people’s news feed. FB ads look like this: 

(Will add screenshot here) 

The price ranges from Rs. 100, to 500 to  1000, so on and so forth. 

Raise funds on Facebook: How to create a FB ad

Create an account on Facebook business manager

You need this website to create an ad on Facebook. You can create your own account, and start the process. 

Click on create option

After creating an account, you will be led to the main page. Here you will come across the name of your own account. You have to click on the same, and you will be led to another page. 

Click on the create option

On this page, you will come across a green button reading ‘create.’ It will look like this: 

After clicking, you will come across a FB ad box, asking you for the categories under which you wish to create your add. The box will look like this: 

To know further details on how to create an ad on Facebook, here’s a complete guide. 

Why create Facebook ads? 

Getting quick donors

Facebook ads are the fastest way to reach out to maximum people, and gain more donors. Though it requires you to spend a certain amount, it’s a viable option to go for as it puts your fundraiser right on the map. 

Getting more reach

Even if you don’t get donations on your fundraiser, your ad still makes your fundraiser visible and reaches maximum people. People might not donate, but they always have the option of sharing the link to your fundraiser. 

Reaching out to varied audiences

Facebook ads ensure that your fundraiser reaches various groups of people. Because Facebook has a billion users across the globe, it is essential that  your ad runs in varied countries. You can control the reach of your ad and even select specific audiences of different countries that you wish to target. 

Things to keep in mind when creating a Facebook ad 

The picture is your USP

The most important aspect of a FB ad is the image you use in it. It is vital that you use an appropriate as well as appealing picture. Make it a point to select the picture that suits your fundraiser story. 

A captivating headline

The headline makes or breaks a story. For a FB ad, keep a headline within a character limit of 60. If you are running a FB ad for say a medical fundraiser, create a sense of urgency and make it a point to highlight the patient’s condition. Here’s an example below: 

Keep the description crisp

People tend to focus on the headline and image for a FB ad. Hence writing a long description is of no use. Stick to writing a short and crisp description that is easy to read and puts your point across. 

If you want to know more about how to target audiences with Facebook ads, click here

Engage with other Facebook pages 

Involving other people in your cause and expanding your network goes a long way. You can do the same by reaching out to Facebook pages, that are related to your cause, and share your fundraiser with them. 

For example, if you are raising funds for a patient who needs an urgent liver transplant, look for a Facebook page on organ transplantation and share your fundraiser with them. 

The more you do this, the more reach your fundraiser has. Engaging with Facebook groups relating to your cause, can help you get significant shares for your fundraiser. 

Things to keep in mind when sharing your fundraiser with Facebook pages 

Greet them warmly

When asking a Facebook page to  share your fundraiser, make sure you first greet them with a friendly ‘Hi!’ or ‘Hey!’ and then start your appeal. The same helps in breaking the ice. 

Introduce yourself

Talk a little about yourself and what you do and then transcend into why you are raising funds for your cause. It helps to give a little background to where you come from so that the Facebook page creators come to know about you.

Provide the details

Provide details about your cause and project. Share related images and videos if necessary. Like we mentioned earlier, adding details to the story makes it look more authentic. 

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

While making an appeal to Facebook page owners to share your fundraiser, make sure you also let them know that you will share some of their content in return. Remember, nothing works without giving something in return. 

In case of Abhishek Jakhwal, and many others, Facebook has proven to be one of the most effective mediums to gain donors. If used well, Facebook can guarantee you more traction and donations in a short span of time. So get started right away! 

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