Here's what Independence Day 2020 amid Covid-19 looks like

By: Hitesh, Nisha

Published On: August 15, 2020

1 - Freedom like never before

15 August 2020 has been an Independence Day of the firsts. None of us would have bought flags from the street vendors like before. No mass gatherings would have been held to sing the national anthem or hoist the flag. The masks would have hidden the smiles of even those who were lucky enough to do the above. 

However, amidst all this though, what did freedom mean for India this year, on a lighter note? After all, the presence of masks, social distancing, pandemic scare and Coronavirus cannot and should not dampen the joy and spirit of celebrating our 74th Independence Day, even if that meant singing anthems from the comfort of our homes or dressing in tricolour to just stay at home.

Similarly, even amidst these strange times that we currently live in, we did manage to find our own quirky and funny definitions of freedom! Take a look!

2 - Travelling back home

For young Indians across the country, living alone in a different city away from family would have almost become second nature. But the fear about the pandemic, the lockdown, and the new normal has brought many daughters and sons back home. After all, home is where the heart is!

3 - Binge-watching

WFH (Work From Home) has undoubtedly become the new normal. New tools, new task management softwares, new reporting structures, new work dynamics etc. etc. However, if you have been wondering why your colleague still keeps reporting late to office - even virtually - you now have the answer!

4 - Fighting medical emergencies with the help of ImpactGuru

It has been impossible to ignore the crisis around us. These days, even a normal cough, slight fever, and subsequent visit to the doctor sound like a scary proposition. A medical emergency like cancer, organ failure or accident is another matter altogether. At such a time, when you have a thousand worries in your head already, do you really need to worry about how to pay for the rising medical expenses? ImpactGuru’s crowdfunding platform can help you manage a financial crisis that has come along with your unforeseen health crisis. Just create your fundraiser on ImpactGuru, share it with friends, family and strangers worldwide, and raise funds from kind and generous donors. This too is in a way, freedom. Freedom from the stress of paying medical expenses all alone, while treating your critical illnesses.

Happy Crowdfunding with ImpactGuru!

Jai Hind!