Find financial support through medical crowdfunding

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 31, 2020

Our most prized possession is our health. What would you do if you are in a medical emergency and are unable to arrange funds to preserve it? Medical expenses are growing each day and so is the need for it. Medical crowdfunding is a powerful tool that can help solve the problem of lack of medical funds.

Here is how crowdfunding can support you financially. 

No Payback Policy

The stress to arrange for funds is immense during a medical emergency and that stress is inflated when the huge amount borrowed has to be returned. Crowdfunding is a process that understands the financial difficulties an individual goes through which is why it can be started with no upfront fee. 

Unlike insurance, you don’t need to pay to begin. This no-payback policy lessens a huge amount of burden from the individual’s shoulder.

Faster And Easier Process 

What makes crowdfunding better from other traditional ways of raising funds is its online forum. The quick and easy process of starting a fundraiser facilitates the initiation of raising funds in no-time. 

The need for medical funds often comes with urgency. In most cases, the seriousness of disease or injury gives the patient very less time to arrange for funds. Delay in funds also risks patients’ health. While loan approval may take months and insurance claims could take weeks, your medical fundraising campaign can be set up in 5 minutes. 

ImpactGuru facilitates flexibility in the withdrawal of funds which has also helped us launch a crowdfunding app for campaigners to access their dashboard and withdraw funds on the go. Empathizing with our campaigners, in many urgent cases, withdrawal can be done before the fundraiser has ended.

Learn more about the process, read how to raise money with this medical crowdfunding guide

Support And Strength

Your story reaches a wide audience with the crowdfunding process. Your donors and supporters will communicate with you through comments on your fundraiser page. The heart-warming wishes and prayers in the comment section give hope and strength. It’s understandable that a medical emergency puts you in a vulnerable spot psychologically. Your supporters will keep your heart at ease which will help you stay positive.


Medical crowdfunding is nothing less than a blessing for someone in need of medical funds. Start a fundraiser for someone you know who is going through a medical emergency and spread the word for everyone to benefit from it.

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