Crowdfunding for a Personal Cause

By: Taqdees & Chiara

Published On: December 05, 2020


Crowdfunding is an easy and quick way to raise funds for a cause that you care about. While some of you may feel passionately about finding help to care for animals or education of the child of your house help, some are passionate about professional projects they believe can be revolutionary. When you need the financial support to make these aspirations possible, you need to understand how to crowdfund. At the onset of this journey there are a few things to keep in mind when you want to raise money for a personal cause. Here is a simple process to follow to start your fundraiser. 

Define your goal

Your reason for crowdfunding should be clear. You need to write out the purpose for starting the project you are looking at. The more clear you are about what you are looking for through this project, the better it will be for donors to understand you. Be clear about your goal amount. If you need more funds, you can connect with an ImpactGuru relationship manager.  

Choose a convenient crowdfunding platform

While choosing the right crowdfunding platform, look for an easy process to follow, flexible customer support, the convenience of managing your fundraiser through an App.

Learn more about how to choose the right crowdfunding platform.

ImpactGuru is a fundraising platform that supports all types of fundraisers with 24/7 online assistance and a 0% platform fee. Offering a 5min process and a quick approval process, your fundraiser can be started on ImpactGuru immediately. Knowing that this may be a new concept for many, the crowdfunding help offered is easily accessible, round the clock. Not all platforms support all types of fundraisers. In addition to the convenient features offered, we have hosted a number of successful personal cause fundraisers on our website. 

Narrate your story well

Tell your donors about your cause. Explain to them in detail your reason, your plan and the goal you want to achieve through your fundraiser. The more detail you share, the more interesting your fundraiser story will be. Donors are interested in your story and the details you share will define your idea well and your level of interest in the cause. 

Don’t forget to add a captivating title! 

Share away

The more visible your fundraiser is, the more chances you have of receiving funds. Therefore, you must utilize the power of social media and share your fundraiser on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Other than asking your donors for funds, use these places as mediums to thank your donors for their donations and support in your cause.

Following the simple process of crowdfunding and with the support of your donors, you will be able to successfully raise funds for your personal cause.