A Tale of Two Dogs and the Two Women Who Changed Their Lives

By: Divya Kilikar

Published On: September 18, 2018

Recently, we saw two young women from different Indian cities go out of their way to help out two stray dogs, one that was abandoned, and one that could have lost his home.

Kristy, an injured, abandoned Golden Retriever is now healthy and happy with his new family thanks to Rashmi!

Kristy the Golden Retriever

For over six years now, Rashmi has been rescuing abandoned and injured dogs. She finds them abandoned on roads and left in gutters, gets them the medical treatment they need and makes sure they end up in loving homes! Two months ago, she found Kristy shivering on a street in Electronic City, Bengaluru.

“He had a high fever, a horrible skin infection and had been left alone on the road. I rushed him to a vet who told me that his growth was stunted and that he also had a severe skin infection. I think this was why he was abandoned.”

Though an inexpertly bred Golden Retriever, once Kristy got over his trauma and began receiving adequate medical care, he was an extremely loving dog. Rashmi longed to take him in, but couldn’t as she already had two dogs to fend for. 

She decided to put him in a foster home until she could find him a permanent home, and this cost her Rs. 300 per day.

“The adoption procedure takes a while; usually more than two months. I never fail to see to it that every application is followed up with the right procedures, including a house visit to ensure that these dogs go to good homes. We don’t want to take them out of their misery only to put them in another place where they’ll be mistreated.”

However, the daily foster home fees, along with the vet’s charges were becoming too heavy a burden for Rashmi. Instead of giving up, she began crowdfunding with a goal of Rs. 28,000, determined to help her new friend. 

She used Facebook groups to spread the world. Family and friends pitched in to help raise the money.

“I couldn’t believe Kristy’s luck when the story won hearts and raised Rs. 35,000 in 10 days! Today, Kristy is unrecognizable. His coat is smooth and he’s happy to greet me when I visit. We’ve even managed to find him a family. A house visit was done and now, Kristy has been taken to his new home!”

Kristy with her new Dad

Caius and Gina first heard about Kristy through a colleague who was part of the Facebook group Rashmi had broadcasted the adoption message on. Gina had always wanted a dog and knew she wanted to adopt Kristy the moment she saw his picture. 

Caius was hesitant at first, but after meeting Kristy in person, he fell in love with his friendly, enthusiastic spirit and knew he had to take him home. Kristy now responds to Joe, and is finally part of a loving family!

Mowgli was an indie dog that lived alone in a half-constructed site; until Ankita moved in!

Ankita is a psychologist and manager at Children First, a mental health clinic for children in Gurgaon. Children First was founded with the intention to create communities that are concerned for the mental well-being of their children. 

The clinic strives to build an atmosphere where children can feel comfortable, unlike that of a hospital. They make their impact through clinical services, school programmes, training and so on.

When they were moving into their new building in Gurgaon, Ankita realized the space was already occupied. Mowgli, a friendly indie dog had made his home there while the building had still been under construction.

“I felt that the building was first and foremost the dog’s true home, not ours. So I decided against moving him to a shelter. Since we work with a lot of children, we had to come up with an idea that was safe for them, but would not involve uprooting the dog from his home.”

An idea then struck her; Ankita decided to get Mowgli trained as a therapy dog in the clinic for the children!


Training sessions would cost a fortune that the clinic couldn’t afford. Determined not to uproot the dog from his home, she turned to crowdfunding. Her goal of Rs 40,000 was surpassed in two weeks!

The NGO’s Facebook page was vital in helping reach donors. Ankita and her team also approached potential donors personally through Whatsapp. Now, Mowgli is busy undergoing his training, on his way to becoming the best source of comfort for children at the clinic!

Kudos to Rashmi and Ankita for their timely acts of kindness!