Not Sure How to Bear the Cost of Lung Transplant in India? Here's What You Need to Do!

By: Shrishaila, Diamond

Published On: December 15, 2021

Lung diseases cause difficulty in breathing, act as an obstacle in performing everyday activities and can be immensely painful. Lung diseases in a more critical stage require a lung transplant, alongside the already extensive medication and frequent hospital visits. For end-stage lung diseases, a transplant might even be the only way towards recovery. The cost of lung transplants in India can be unaffordable, especially when added with the overarching costs of medication, post-op care and related hospital bills. Another reason for this can be the significant margin between the per capita income and the average income of people in India. 

Getting life-saving treatment and risking a family’s financial future or delaying treatment and risking one’s life to look for financial alternatives -  these should not be the choices that a patient has to make, when in an already vulnerable position. Here is some information that could help manage the costs of lung transplant in India: 

What is the cost of lung transplants in India? 

Lung transplant costs in India can range between ₹25 lakhs to ₹35 lakhs, exceeding further depending on the extent of the illness, the hospital where the transplant is to take place and if unforeseeable expenses turn up. Insurance allows several patients to pay the partial or even full treatment cost. However, many in India, are yet to be secured by insurance. According to a report in Mint, about 56% of Indians do not have insurance, even if they do, not all plans cover the full amount of major surgery. Thus any sudden lung damage or surgery can be a major financial burden on the family of the patient if not the patient themselves. 

What are factors affecting lung transplant costs in India?

Having a lung transplant surgery in India can be divided into three stages - the testing stage, the surgery stage and the rehabilitation stage. And by every stage, the bills only pile up without proper finances. Here is why undergoing a lung transplant is expensive in India -

  • Organ harvesting and transporting charges

  • Hospital tech, tests and machine charges 

  • Skilled surgeon costs 

  • Room costs, visiting charges

  • Post-surgery complications charges if any 

  • Rehabilitation charges, physiotherapy if any 

  • Anti-rejection medication, recovery costs

How can crowdfunding help ease the burden of lung cancer treatment costs in India?

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