ImpactGuru Saved Their Office Cat With The Help Of Crowdfunding

By: Mansi, Diamond

Published On: June 15, 2022

“Cats or dogs?”

ImpactGuru employees will do anything but answer this question. We like to call ourselves animal whisperers. How can we choose a favorite? Our hearts beat the same for all animals. Unless they’re preying on us! Oh, well! Even then, we’ll probably still understand their situation. After having run so many animal rescue fundraising ideas at ImpactGuru, we feel a bit closer to them.

We have one such pure soul on our premises and her name is Shirley. Shirley is a green-eyed beautiful cat who has now been lovingly adopted by ImpactGuru employees. She is our spoiled little brat who loves being pet all day. There’s only two things that our little Shirley likes- that’s either playing or sleeping. You’ll often find Shirley playing with ImpactGuru employees and giving them a tough time with her antics and silliness. Or she’ll be sleeping by the entrance without a care in the world.

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Shirley- Our Breath Of Fresh Air

Since employees at ImpactGuru are constantly dealing with people who are suffering at the hands of fate from all over the world, we do need a bit of a breather every now and then to balance it all. And Shirley is our little escape from the world. Being with her is like carrying a slice of summer in our pockets. She brings joy to every room she walks into. 

She never fails to entertain us with her silliness and pranks. A well-rested Shirley is a happy Shirley and she’ll go to any lengths to make your day. Just a minute with her feels like a relaxing meditative session. You keep petting her and you’ll be her favorite person until someone else waltzes in and becomes her serial petter. She loves everyone equally and gives equal attention to everyone who is in need of it.

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Shirley’s Safe Space - ImpactGuru’s Office 

Usually, cats consider their belly their most vulnerable part of the body. In a threatening situation, their first instinct is to guard their belly. Hence, it’s quite rare for cats to sleep with their belly up. And if they do, that means they trust you with their life! Then, you gotta protect it at all costs. 

When Shirley is not playing, you’ll often find her sleeping belly up in the office premises. That’s her body language when she is relaxed, which is unusual for a cat to do when they’re outdoors. But since she has accepted ImpactGuru as her home, she just lays near the entrance with little to no care in the world with her belly up. She usually rolls over when someone comes by to pet her so that she gets the most out of that opportunity.

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The Day of the Accident

It was a beautiful morning. While ImpactGuru employees were all set for the day, Shirley was sunbathing in all her glory as usual! After a few hours had passed, we heard Shirley had been in a horrible accident. She was hit badly. The person who hit her had fled away from the scene by then.

She was left to die. We saw Shirley whimpering in pain because her jaw and her legs had taken the hit. With a broken jaw and severely injured legs, we rushed her to the hospital. All of ImpactGuru was in shambles that day. Everyone was praying for Shirley’s recovery. But that wasn’t enough. We were in need of Rs 20,000 to ensure that she was provided with the best treatment possible. 

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ImpactGuru employees didn’t need any tips on how to start a fundraiser for animals. Without wasting any time, we started a fundraiser page for Shirley on ImpactGuru. While we were writing her story, we couldn’t help but shed a tear or two thinking of her condition. And within a very short period of time, we were able to raise more than the goal amount for Shirley. In fact, her hospital bills were paid off almost immediately since animal rescue fundraisers garner much needed attention. We were finally taking our tiny Shirley back home. She seemed dazed and in trauma because of what had happened to her. The poor soul would have never expected being in such a catastrophic situation. But our dear Shirley showed strength like no other.

The Aftermath Of The Accident

After her medical treatment, employees at ImpactGuru made sure Shirley was nursed back to recovery. She was given her medications on time along with all the love and care from us. Everybody used to be super careful around her so that she could have as much rest as possible. And slowly, our strong Shirley healed like a little cat superhero. She was a bit slow in the beginning; but soon, she went back to all her silly games and antics. All this was because of the help of kind donors who donate to animal fundraisers like these on ImpactGuru.

However, Shirley is still sensitive about her jaw till date. She doesn’t let anyone touch it. She flinches as soon as someone caresses her near her lower jaw. But she will trust you if you have an ImpactGuru ID around your neck! Just kidding! Our sweet Shirley is friendly with all humans. All she needs is love and lots of back rubs. After all, that’s all that you need to greet an ImpactGuru cat. 

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Each Contribution Counts

You can also contribute to the rescue missions of several such animals by typing animal fundraisers near me'' and donate to the cause that speaks to you the most. Or if you want to save an animal in need you can look for “fundraising ideas for animal rescue groups” to save the voiceless. They need us.