Fundraising Tips For Breast Cancer Awareness And Treatment

By: Milton, Diamond

Published On: October 27, 2021

The theme for this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month is “RISE: Rally In Supporting, Serving and Screening Everyone,” which encourages women to go for mammogram screening and raise breast cancer awareness with the support of their family and friends to overcome fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. 

Every year, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is observed in the month of October. This annual international health campaign aims to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Breast cancer in India

In India, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women. In 2018, 27.7% of all new cancers detected in women in India were breast cancers. While the U.S and China have a considerably large number of women detected with breast cancer as compared to India, the death rate is significantly lower due to better awareness of the disease.

Delayed diagnosis among Indians 

The lack of awareness around breast cancer in India has led to more women getting diagnosed at advanced stages which leads to higher chances of mortality. Late diagnosis also means that such women have to undergo gruelling treatments that are both physically and mentally draining. 

Another factor that promotes delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is the exorbitant treatment costs. Such breast cancer treatments may involve surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy among others. 

Even the minimum cost for such treatments is between INR 5-8 lakhs, an amount that might not always be affordable during an emergency. Due to this, several Indian families are forced to borrow money or mortgage their assets especially when any delay in treatment could lead to irreparable damage or even death.

How crowdfunding helps

Medical crowdfunding is the process of collecting funds online from a large number of people to raise funds for medical treatments, post-operative care and medicine costs. ImpactGuru’s crowdfunding platform has helped several patients raise funds for breast cancer treatment as well as other forms of cancer with the support of generous donors online. 

Cancer crowdfunding can also help raise funds for breast cancer research or to create awareness on breast cancer among the public. As the month of October is observed as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month, let us look at some fundraising tips for breast cancer awareness and treatment:

Fundraising tips for breast cancer awareness and treatment

1. Put your story out there!

Whether you want to start free breast cancer screening camps in your locality or educate the community about breast cancer by inviting medical experts on webinars, tell donors about your unique story!  

While raising funds for breast cancer awareness or treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, let donors know what you’d be fundraising for and why their contributions would make such a big difference.

2. Add more visuals

It has been observed that people who added visuals to a fundraiser raised 5 times more funds than the ones who had none. Visuals in the form of images, short clips or videos will help put a face to your fundraiser, thereby helping donors connect to your cause a lot better!

Using ‘before and after’ images of yourself or your loved one who needs treatment for breast cancer will help donors know the urgency behind your cause. 

If you’re spreading awareness on breast cancer, then post images of a recently concluded walkathon or an online yoga class to make donors connect to your cause. You can also upload a video to further engage your donors and generate more interest in your campaign.

3. Be ‘socially’ active

Spreading the word about your fundraising campaign through social media can help you widen your reach by connecting with more potential donors online!

Whether you’re crowdfunding on behalf of somebody’s breast cancer treatment or organizing a walkathon to spread awareness, don’t forget to share it on social media. Always remember to share your fundraiser’s URL while posting on platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so that they can read, share and donate to your cause easily!

4. Share regular updates

Most campaigners fail to understand the importance of keeping donors updated. When your supporters are kept in the loop, they’ll share your story within their network which will bring in more donations on your fundraiser. 

If you’re fundraising for breast cancer treatment, you could talk about the patient’s health status and how they are coping. You could also mention updates of a successful surgery or the next course of treatment.

If you’re fundraising for breast cancer awareness, talk about the response from the public on the screening camps held in your locality and whether you plan to organize one in the future. You could also mention to your donors about how the funds have been utilized so far.

5. Thank your donors

The final step - once your fundraiser completes its goal amount, inform your donors and well-wishers about the success of your campaign and why it meant so much to you. Let your donors know about the huge difference they made through their generous contributions.

If you successfully raised funds on behalf of somebody diagnosed with breast cancer, talk about the patient being declared cancer-free by the doctors.

Remember that donors do not expect anything in return but a simple thank you will suffice. Just like they displayed their kindness, your gratitude will go a long way!

These fundraising tips are simple yet beneficial for the overall growth of your campaign. If you haven’t started fundraising, you can choose from one of the best crowdfunding platforms in India. 

ImpactGuru provides a unique 0% platform fee model, free 24/7 fundraising support and instant withdrawal of funds raised by you to ensure you get immediate assistance at all times. We understand that a disease like breast cancer needs to be treated at the earliest, so, if you ever need to raise funds faster, you can get in touch with our relationship manager. Our relationship manager will help amplify your fundraiser and help you reach out to more potential donors.

Start a fundraiser for free on ImpactGuru today to raise funds for your breast cancer treatment or on behalf of the treatment of a loved one. You could also raise funds to spread awareness on breast cancer in your local community,thereby letting women know about the importance of an early diagnosis.

If you’d prefer contributing to help somebody get their timely treatment, you could donate to fundraisers for breast cancer treatment on ImpactGuru. 

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