12 Stories Of Hope From 2020: Volume 2

By: Hitesh, Chiara

Published On: January 01, 2021

2020 has been a roller-coaster of a year. This year has admittedly not given us a lot to smile about. Even then, there have been some moments of hope amidst all the despair. Here are 12 moments in this past year that made us hopeful about our future. And if you read right through to the end, you may stumble upon gratitude and - dare we say it? - some optimism as well!

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1. We Take Care Of Our Own, Even If They Are In Remote Ladakh

Ladakh was in the news this year, mostly for all the wrong reasons. But even here, there were stories of hope. 17000 ft Foundation - which works in the remote areas of Ladakh - saw the impact of COVID-enforced isolation up close. With the help of donors across India, it was able to distribute Health & Hygiene Kits to villages in the region, as well as organise workshops. 

2. Making A Difference, One Meal At A Time

Kiran Padma Ravi is a B. Tech student from Hyderabad. During the pandemic though, he and his friends moonlighted as saviors for daily wage workers in the city.

Seeing the state they were living in, Kiran realized that the least he could do for them was help provide them food. With the help of nearby shop owners and bolstered by the support of his friends, every day - without fail - Kiran prepared food for the labourers in his locality. His fundraiser campaign helped him raise about Rs. 34,000, enough to buy 400 kg rice, 120 kg vegetables, and 60 kg pulses, among other material. All because donors like you helped him on the way.

3. Remember Our Furry Friends?

Youngsters Diya and Ananyaa organized a virtual concert ‘Take A Paws 2020’ to raise money for two animal welfare organisations- Help in Suffering (Jaipur) and Animal Aid Unlimited (Udaipur). These organizations treat injured and stray animals, and also provide shelter and adoption facilities. Crowdfunding on ImpactGuru, they were able to raise Rs. 9.5 lakh for these organizations!

4. Period Poverty? It Ends Here

Vruti Patel - with NGO Ecoflo - knows two ways to dispel period myths among the girls and women of rural India, and she is doing both. One, organising workshops in schools to educate school children about this biological process of our body, and two, distributing biodegradable sanitary napkins amongst them. To continue this, Vruti started an online crowdfunding campaign. Her efforts were noticed and featured in the media, and she was able to raise 83% of her Rs. 1 lakh goal amount in no time.

5. Plates Of Joy, Indeed

18-year-old Rishabh Somani has made a difference in his own way. As a volunteer with Lagni Foundation (Vadodara, Gujarat), he is part of the ‘Plate Of Joy’ project. Their objective is simple: provide daily meals to senior citizens (some are single women; some are disabled) who require help in these testing times. Towards this end, Rishabh started an online fundraiser. Together, he and his team were able to raise more than Rs. 2 lakh, effectively guaranteeing daily meals for a year. They also guaranteed something else: smiles and satisfaction, for our elders!

6. Saving Our Young One! 

The innocence of children can light up even the darkest of times. Teera Kamat was just 2 months old, when she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. For her parents, the shock was multifold: SMA is not only the leading genetic cause of death among infants, but the treatment for this is not even available in India. However, in the parents’ own words:
We are extremely fortunate to have her diagnosis early, because it gives us a chance to fight this before her symptoms become severe. Our only hope for Teera to have a normal life is to be able to import Zolgensma, a one-time gene replacement therapy, which in her current state could be a potential “cure”.

This campaign to make Teera’s life-saving cure available has already raised Rs. 2.76 crore, with the help of more than 9000 donors. From India and abroad, people are doing all they can to save the young one’s life!


These are just some of the many stories of hope we were proud to make possible on our platform. But in all of these stories, one thing stands common: your support. Even ImpactGuru getting recognized by the government is not just a validation of our work. It is a recognition of your generosity of spirit too. As this one-of-a-kind year comes to a close, let us step into 2021 with the satisfaction of creating something positive.