FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Starting a Fundraiser

  • I’m new to this. How do I start a fundraiser?

    You can create a fundraiser in less than 5 mins. Click on Start A Fundraiser, add your details and the cause you’d like to raise funds for. Next, add images and a story describing your cause. Submit your documents and done! Your fundraiser will be swiftly approved by our team and will go live.

  • What are the documents I need to start my fundraiser?

    Below are the documents you need based on the cause you are fundraising for:
    Medical Cause:

    • Campaigner’s Identity proof - Aadhar Card & PAN Card
    • Patient’s medical reports or invoices,
    • Hospital/clinic’s name and contact details
    • Beneficiary’s Aadhar Card & PAN Card.

    Personal Causes:
    • Identity proof - Aadhar Card & PAN Card
    • Bank account details
    • Any estimates/documents that will support your cause

    • 12A
    • 80G certificate
    • FCRA certificate (if you want to raise foreign funds)

  • Will my donors get tax benefits?

    Individuals (medical and other causes): Tax benefits can be made available to your donors if you opt for it. This could incentivize donors to contribute to your cause. To enable tax benefits for your Indian donors, reach out to us.
    NGOs: Your Indian donors will receive tax benefits if you have a valid 80G certificate.

  • Can I still use ImpactGuru if I have a fundraiser running on another platform?

    Yes, you can begin crowdfunding with ImpactGuru even if you have a fundraiser running on another platform.

  • I can't find a category that fits my fundraiser - what do I do?

    The crowdfunding categories currently on our platform are: medical, non profit, personal cause, creative ideas.
    If your fundraiser doesn’t fit any of these categories, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 18001020380.

  • Why was my fundraiser rejected?

    ImpactGuru ensures that each fundraiser undergoes a due diligence process. This helps us verify the authenticity of the cause. Your fundraiser could have been rejected for various reasons. Some of them could be:

    • You have provided incorrect documents (identity details, reports, invoices, etc.)
    • The medical and KYC documents provided have been tampered with
    • Inadequate information about fund utilisation
    • Your fundraiser story provides inaccurate or incomplete information
    • The fundraiser promotes hate speech or violence
    • The multimedia used includes excessive nudity, gore or other graphic content
    • The fundraiser is political in nature

    If your fundraiser doesn’t violate any terms and has still been rejected, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 18001020380 to request for a review.

  • How can I edit my fundraiser?

    You can edit any aspect of your fundraiser such as your story, images, goal amount, etc. from your dashboard. Providing the latest information on your fundraiser can increase the contributions you get.

  • Can I raise funds without adding pictures?

    Images are one of the key elements that can help a donor connect to your cause. Images show donors who they are helping and the urgency for their help. We highly recommend using at least one image on your fundraiser. Fundraisers that lack images may not capture attention from thousands of donors that visit ImpactGuru everyday.

  • Why do I need to give my consent for fundraising?

    ImpactGuru may require your consent to promote your fundraiser and bring more contributions through its network or through paid advertising. Please contact your relationship manager for questions or details on this.

  • How do I upgrade my fundraising plan?

    ImpactGuru offers various default and custom fundraising plans that offer access to various tools and services that can support you in getting more contributions. Some of these include creating a custom video, donor management, providing tax benefits etc.
    If you’d like to upgrade your fundraising plan or know more, please connect with us at [email protected] or 18001020380

  • What is ImpactGuru-MediBuddy Gold?

    Impact Guru is now offering services such as Unlimited Teleconsultations, Discounts on pharmacies and diagnostics and a Claims helpdesk to take care of our patient’s claims and more. A fee of INR 1,271+GST will be charged to the campaign for the same.

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