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FAQs for Running a Fundraiser

  • My fundraiser is live. How do I start raising funds?

    Congratulations! The first 24-48 hours are the most critical for your fundraiser. Most of our campaigners have not only raised large amounts in the first 24 hours but some have even met their goal!
    Your first step would be to ask a close friend or family member to make a donation, even if its a small amount. This is to ensure that donors do not see a 0 on your fundraiser. Donors are more likely to donate if they see others have too.
    Also, immediately start sharing your fundraiser on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms. Activate your close friends and family and ask them to share as well. Share it frequently and at different times so that the appeal reaches people who may have missed it earlier. As the word spreads, the visibility of your fundraiser will also multiply.
    Lastly, keep your donors updated on the patient’s health or your cause.
    Want extra help? Contact us at [email protected] or 18001020380 to explore how ImpactGuru can assist to help you fundraise

  • How do I know if someone contributes to my fundraiser?

    You will receive an update on your registered email address every time someone donates to your fundraiser. We also recommend installing the ImpactGuru campaigner app on Android & iOS to receive live notifications of your donations.

  • I need to raise funds faster. What do I do?

    The speed of your fundraising depends on how widely it has been shared. If you are running out of time or are in an emergency, tell your network on social media as well as your colleagues, schoolmates, friends to help you by sharing your fundraiser far and wide, and share it multiple times.
    You could also approach a celebrity on social media or a media house to help publicize your cause. Also, consider posting it on Facebook groups, whatsapp groups etc.
    Here are more fundraising tips for you.
    If you are looking to add value to your fundraiser and raise money faster, please connect with us at [email protected] or 18001020380.

  • When should I share an update on my fundraiser?

    You can share an update on your fundraiser any time after it collects an amount of Rs 1000. After that point, it is a good practice to share your fundraiser at regular intervals.

  • What are matching donations?

    Matching donations are enabled on select fundraisers for a limited period of time on the discretion of ImpactGuru to boost the fundraising. For every donation made by a donor, ImpactGuru matches it by adding a certain amount from its end. For example: While matching donations are on, every time someone donates Rs. 1000, ImpactGuru adds Rs. 100 and thus the final donation you receive is Rs. 1100. Matching donations enhance your fundraising by motivating more and more donors to contribute. Matching donations are made possible through large contributions from well-wishers of ImpactGuru.

  • What if I don’t want to share my fundraiser on social media?

    Sharing your fundraiser on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and messaging apps like WhatsApp are critical to your fundraiser’s success. It helps reach kind people who want to support others like you. It is no different than sharing selfies or pictures or information about you on these platforms. Impact Guru ensures complete safety of your data so you can share without any worry.

  • I shared my fundraiser and haven't raised funds yet. What more can I do?

    Your fundraiser slowing down at intervals is normal but it is important to be persistent. Apart from sharing updates and reminders on your social media channels, ask your friends and family to help you out by sharing it themselves. Also, share it multiple times on multiple platforms. For more tips on fundraising, read this .
    Not able to raise funds by yourself? We are here to help. Contact us at [email protected] or 18001020380.

  • What is a support-fundraiser, and how can I use them?

    A support-fundraiser is a fundraiser that helps you raise funds towards another primary fundraiser. It can be an effective way to meet large crowdfunding targets. Support fundraisers are used if more than one person wants to support an individual or a cause. Through support fundraisers, different people can create their own fundraising page and together achieve the target. There can be multiple support fundraisers for any primary fundraiser. All donations to support fundraisers will be deposited towards the primary fundraiser
    E.g. If you had to meet a goal of 20 lakh and have four support fundraisers running, each of those could raise 5 lakh to meet the goal amount. A support-fundraiser is also shared among different social circles, helping you spread the word about the fundraiser further.

  • What happens if I don't reach my goal amount?

    No problem. Funds that you collect are still yours, even if you don’t reach your goal amount. You can ask for withdrawal of whatever you have been able to raise.
    Certain fees and taxes may be deducted if applicable.

  • Where do the funds raised get collected?

    All ImpactGuru fundraisers are set up with a unique campaigner account to help collect all the money you raise. This also helps collate funds from various sources (UPI, NEFT, RTGS, etc.) and direct them to you. The details of this Virtual Private Account can be found on the fundraiser page.

  • Can ImpactGuru help me promote my fundraiser?

    While we would want to, we cannot promote every fundraiser on our platform. Hundreds of fundraisers are created on ImpactGuru everyday and promoting all would exhaust our donors and not bring any results.
    We recommend you try to share and raise funds through your own networks first. This has proven to be the most effective. In case you get stuck, connect with us for further support. Contact us at [email protected] or 18001020380.

  • Can I extend the goal amount?

    We take authenticity seriously. Our internal risk management tools help us gauge transactions that are fraudulent. If any donation to your campaign has been refunded, it’s probably because our systems have deemed it to be high-risk or fraudulent.

  • Why were some donation(s) made to my fundraiser refunded by ImpactGuru?

    We take authenticity seriously. Our internal risk management tools help us gauge transactions that are fraudulent. If any donation to your campaign has been refunded, it’s probably because our systems have deemed it to be high-risk or fraudulent.
    In case you know who the donor is and can validate the authenticity of the donation, please contact your campaign manager for an explanation and then ask the donor to make the donation again.

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