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FAQs for Making a donation

  • How will my donation reach the person in need?

    We understand your concerns about the utilisation of funds. To ensure that any amount you donate is not misutilised we follow an airtight process of fund transfers. Donations are collected in a virtual account and when the campaigner requests for a fund transfer, we transfer it to the hospital’s account in case of medical causes and in verified organisational accounts in case of NGO causes.
    Campaigners are encouraged to add updates to their fundraiser and our team also follows up with most of them for regular and timely updates. Updates can be found on their fundraiser page and will also be communicated to you to your registered email.

  • How do I know a cause or fundraiser is authentic?

    ImpactGuru conducts rigorous due diligence on every campaign on its platform before it is assigned an ‘ImpactGuru Verified’ tag. This includes cross-checking the campaigner’s identity via legal identity proofs and KYC verification alongside hospital estimates, medical documents and patient verification.
    Fundraisers that have not undergone this process will display a pop-up to notify you of the same. Please use your discretion while donating to those.

  • Where can I download my 80G tax exemption certificate from?

    Indian citizens are eligible to receive an 80G tax exemption certificate for all donations made to campaigns tagged with ‘Tax Benefits’. ImpactGuru Foundation can help provide you with the 80G tax exemption certificate if you have provided your PAN card details.
    The 80G claim link will be mailed to your registered email address after a successful donation.
    Please note, not all fundraisers offer tax benefits. If you are donating for tax-saving purposes, please verify before you donate.
    The same is applicable for US citizens applying for 501c3.

  • What is the minimum donation amount required to donate to a cause?

    The minimum donation amount is Rs 250 if you donate via net banking or credit/debit cards as this is the standard transaction amount. If you would like to donate below Rs 250, you can change the donation amount as per your preference and make the donation via PayTM or UPI.

  • How does ImpactGuru secure my payment details?

    All transactions made via ImpactGuru are secure by the highest standards of SSL encryption available. Check out our Trust and Safety Center for more details.

  • Why is ImpactGuru asking me to add a tip to my donation?

    TFor fundraisers that run on 0% platform fee i.e we do not charge any platform fee from the campaigner, ImpactGuru may request you to add a small amount as a tip to help us sustain, improve and run this platform to help millions of struggling individuals and causes. To provide the best experience to our customers, we have to incur various costs relating to technology infrastructure, dedicated staff, fundraiser outreach, due diligence and vetting, disbursing funds, and updating donors on fund utilization.
    Only when we sustain, will we be able to achieve our mission of saving lives. Just like a hospital charges a fee to treat patients or an academic institution to educate students, we too need funds to continue our good work.
    Though it’s not mandatory, we encourage you to support us to keep this platform running.

  • What are the payment options available for donors?

    ImpactGuru provides a variety of secure payment modes to ensure that you don’t miss out on contributing to a cause you care about.
    These are:

    • All credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Discover, etc.
    • All debit cards including VISA, Mastercard, Rupay, etc.
    • Netbanking
    • All major e-wallets such as PayTM, FreeCharge, OlaMoney, etc.
    • NEFT, RTGS and IMPS Transfer
    • UPI

  • I have donated through PayTM / UPI / PhonePe / Net Banking and haven’t received a confirmation.

    If you have donated through any of the above mentioned methods, please fill the payment confirmation form with your details to receive your confirmation along with 80G claim link (if applicable) on your registered email address.

  • How do I keep a track of the fundraiser I have donated toward?

    You can keep a track of the fundraiser by visiting the updates tab on the fundraiser page. If you have donated via direct bank transfer, PayTM, UPI or netbanking, please fill out the payment confirmation form to receive updates about the fundraisers you have donated to via email, SMS and WhatsApp.

  • Can I donate with an international card?

    TYes, we accept donations through all international debit and credit cards.

  • How can I make an anonymous donation?

    You will be given an option to contribute anonymously before you submit your transaction details. If you missed out on marking yourself as anonymous while making the donation, please write to [email protected] to get assistance.

  • Can I make multiple donations on the same fundraiser ?

    You can donate to the same fundraiser as many times as you like.

  • Can I request a refund for my donation?

    Most fundraisers on ImpactGuru cater to medical emergencies.Therefore, we encourage our donors to be sure of their donation before making a payment. To ensure that those in need do not lose out on funds, we do not encourage nor entertain refund requests.
    At the same time, ImpactGuru wishes to provide a safe environment to our donors and help resolve potential issues. We will refund donations only under specific circumstances, based on internal discussions and assessments. The final decision for all refund requests rests with ImpactGuru.

  • The payment method I am trying isn't working. What should I do?

    Payment can fail due to various reasons, incorrect information to a weak internet connection. Please reach out to us at [email protected] or 022 - 49717414 / 18001015380 to get further assistance.

  • I accidentally selected USD instead of INR. Will I get a refund?

    Decisions on refunds are taken after thorough assessment and deliberation. Please write to us at [email protected] within 48hr of your transaction with the payment confirmation details for further assistance. Post which the final decision on refunds rests with ImpactGuru

  • The amount from my account has been accidentally debited more than once. How can I get my refund?

    In case the amount has been debited twice, please contact us at [email protected] or 022 - 49717414 / 18001015380 with the payment confirmation for further assistance.

  • What can I do beyond donating to help a fundraiser?

    If you can’t donate or if you have already donated but want to help further, share! Share the fundraiser and encourage others in your network to donate as well. You can share the fundraiser on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other social media apps.

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